Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Of farewells and pee...

Just like how you don't like to sit around in period-soaked panties, I dislike sitting on pee-stained toilet seats. Let's work towards a pee-free toilet seat girls!

Yours truly will print this note out and stick it behind the doors of all the toilet stalls for the Ladies on the third floor. I'm so annoyed at going to the toilet and finding pee all over the toilet seat! I thought only the men end up doing that cos well, maybe some have big dicks, and find it impossible to manouvre their willies to aim accurately into the toilet bowl.

But you find pee-stained toilet seats in the ladies! The toilet seat we have here is usually clean and dry, so why don't you just sit on it? Why must you hover above the seat, and then end up getting pee all over it? Damn, I don't care how you pee, but if you get your yellow liquid on the toilet seat, at least have the god damn decency to wipe it clean before the next person walks in!

Anyways, I was reading the papers today.. In the Youth section in Star Two, there was a very nice piece written by this girl. Entitled "Farewell, my pal", it starts off like this -- "I recently found out that a long-lost friend of mine died nearly a year ago. He had hung himself. Jonathan Brandis was 27 with a whole wide world in front of him but times were tough in his line of work. The last I saw him, he was smiling at me from the pages of a magazine. He was so popular then, gracing the cover of practically every teenybopper magazine in the market. I don't think many remember him now though".

At first thought, I was like, "The Jonathan Brandis?" My strongest memory of him was from SeaQuest and also in Sidekick alongside Chuck Norris.

This article was a tribute written by the writer to Jonathan Brandis. It spoke a little bit about his past works, and her craze over him as a high school girl. Remember those days when we would buy them teenybopper mags and the centrefold is usually some cute looking actor, and how we would stick them posters up in our bedroom walls? She spoke of those.. and it all felt so easy to relate to. Felt so much warmth reading her words. Plus, I used to like Jonathan too!

So there, it saddened me to find out that Jonathan had hung himself, with no suicide note left behind. Needless to say, the whole world is mystified about his decision to commit suicide.

The writer ended by saying -- "I never knew Jonathan Brandis as a person, but he is immortalised in these magazine pages. To my dearest friend, Jon... goodbye".

It's perfect. I feel it. I can relate to it. This is a damn good piece of writing, simple words and all.

However, it felt a little bit funny at the end. Jonathan Brandis was 27 when he committed suicide. 27 last year. It took a while before the age finally sunk in. Has it been that long since MY teenybopper days? Gosh. I used to remember him as a cheery-faced wide-smiled Jonathan of 16 or 17 years of age!

Gee. Not only am I saddened by his death, I am further devastated that I'm getting old.

Posted by Doreen at 1:52 pm