Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Eventually a best-seller

My demo is now safe at the Star Rfm office. When the recording and all the mixing was done, I thought it was a bloody good demo! I was so proud of it, and I couldn't contain my excitement! I was just brimming with smiles and feeling damn proud of myself.

Well, then the excitement slowly faded off. I am now filled with anxiety and nervousness - Will I make it? Will they listen to the first few seconds and then chuck it aside cos they think I'm just mediocre? I wonder when will they make a decision?

Then of course, while at their office yesterday, Suveea asked if I wanted to go see Blue cos she's got a pair of extra tickets. Not a big fan of them, but what have I got to lose. It'll be good to check out the stage, sound and lights.

So I went with Elaine. It was just a so-so concert.. Nothing to shout about, even the crowd was not exactly hyped up. Sure, the lights and the sound system were damn impressive! All the moving heads, the spotlights, and phwoar.. their amps were solid stuff! But a boy band! You would expect them teenage girls to be screaming their heads off yeah?

But I mean, honestly, what can you expect? They name themselves after a primary colour for chrissakes! Showmanship could do with some improving... Outfit - so very typical - black tee and blue jeans, and of course, when these foreign bands put up a show in Malaysia, all they can say is "Apa khabar Malaysia!!" Come on, we need something else if you really want to win our hearts!

And that Derek McDonald dude who did the opening act for them was even worse. He took a towel, rubbed it over his body to wipe off all the sweat and then threw it to the crowd. Ewk. Good looking, but too vain for my liking. Poor sod.

Menstrual cramps are the worse thing to be dealing with when I've got to do the FA for a press advertisement when my designer is not around. All I needed to do then was lie in bed with a hot water bottle over my tummy, but of course, all I had was Anderson sitting by my side - "OK.. ah.. yeah.. enlarge that image.. squeeze all the text up there a wee bit.. OK.. remember to send to Andy.. and get Ms. Lim to translate it for us..."

Last night, curled in bed with my laptop on my uh.. lap? HAHAH. Reading through some of my past writings. I have a whole lot of unfinished businesses, or rather, writings. Every single one of them - I started writing them with a vision - that it will become a best-seller *chuckles* Of course, somewhere along the line, I realized it's not gonna happen, or that motivation went downhill.

But it was all a good read. I always enjoy reading thru past works. It tells me about me then, about what's going on in my head, what's important to me then, etc. Haven't been writing much in the past 2 years - the last unfinished one I wrote was a few months before I started working full time.

Well, really ought to get back to it. One of these days, one of my writings will make it thru to the last page, the last paragraph, the last sentence and of course the last fullstop. That will be a best-seller *chuckles*

Hey I need to motivate myself don't I?

Posted by Doreen at 4:50 pm