Thursday, November 18, 2004


Things I've Learnt...

1. I need to get slapped a couple of times - real hard ones - before I eventually will get some senses knocked into me. Because no one has ever attempted that before - or maybe I haven't attempted to let them attempt, hence I think I really need some good hard slapping now and then to get some senses into me.

2. That our life is like a tree (Thanks Angela!) - we ought to grow upwards all the time, aiming for the skies, and always sprouting new leaves and branches. A relationship should make us grow too, meaning that we never ought to be stuck in one that halts or stunt our growth - never get caught in a dead branch which is just waiting to rot and fall to the ground.

3. At 23, I still don't know what I want - but, I sure damn well know what I don't want. Do people learn and discover themselves by the same elimination process I go through?

4. I get scared by new things, and fear holds me back. (Thanks Jaclyn!) It's like the theory of the glass. We are so afraid of breaking the glass that we hold on to it tight with both hands and focus all our strength and attention in making sure we don't drop the glass and break it. In doing that, we miss out on what's going on around us.

5. That I'm a kick-ass girl and guys who know me will love me and find me special *lol*.. and hell, I deserve much more than a bad-ass dude who's bringing me nothing but misery. (Thanks Resh!)

6. Chemistry doesexist. You can be totally comfortable with someone new even though you've barely known each other for a mere few weeks.

7. And not all Singaporeans are bad asses.


Posted by Doreen at 1:57 pm