Monday, December 06, 2004

You Already Are...

You already are...

You already are everything you could ever want to be. You already have all that you could ever need or desire. So why do you often feel so lacking and so incomplete? Why do you often feel so empty?

It is because you have been mesmerized by the illusion of limitation. It is because you have confused your shallow, fleeting ego with the person you truly are. You have forsaken the stunning, overwhelming abundance of what is. And you have sought refuge in the false comfort of your familiar insecurities.

Wake up and see that even the smallest, most simple thing is a miracle, utterly beyond comprehension, yet still available to be completely experienced. Open your eyes and know that the abundance you so longingly desire is yours the moment you accept and live it
- Ralph Marston

Wheeeeee! 19 days to Christmas! Though I sure hope that my car gets out of the workshop soon. It's so tedious getting around doing Xmas shopping without my wheels. Car accidents are just so crummy! And what makes it worse is that it ain't even my fault.

The things that have been keeping me occupied in the last few weeks till today...

1. Work... it's that time of the year! Brochures, advertisements, etc.

2. Al... same ol' same ol'. Arguments, 4 hour lunches inclusive of table talks, kiss and make-up times, etc.

3. Ruperto... Ah, many, many hours of good company filled with lotsa good fun. It's all good. Also the cause of many late nights and panda-looking eyes too by the way ;)

4. Money... 'nuff said. Hmmph.

5. Car... crash, insurance, police reports, mechanic, workshops, etc.

6. Getting high... need I say more?

7. Jamie and Robin... a pair of Roborovski hamsters given to me by Anderson. After I named them, a friend said they sound like a gay couple. Sigh. Anyways, have brought them over to Elaine's seeing how I don't have time for them.

8. Fatso and Spidey... died of starvation *gulps* so guilty!

9. And oh.. all other little things along the way that is enough to keep me occupied.

On a brighter note, the office looks brilliant - we've taken to decorating it this time round. Blinking, sparkling lights hanging from the ceiling, a mini Christmas tree complete with ornaments and a silver star which also happens to be gigantically out of proportion, and Christmas stockings with all 6 of our names. Makes the work area more bearable instead of plain walls and windows which are just so drab.

Working on a Christmas Hi-Tea gathering that is really stressing me out big time. Have got to generate enough participation and attendance.. And well, put it this way - I cannot get this done alone, not unless the committee is also willing to sweat it out together. Urgh. Team-work eh? Pfft.

By the way, here is my Christmas wishlist. If you're thinking of getting me something, please refer to this list -

* A winning lottery ticket
* Organized finances i.e. clearing off all debts
* A set of Cafe Del Mar CDs
* A year's supply of beer (wheeee!)
* A new job wouldn't kill either
* A new Queen-sized bed with new sheets, pillows and comforter
* A big fat bonus from the Company.. Hmm.. maybe not cos I know it ain't happening
* Time to go down to Singapore to catch up with my dearest brother
* A nice, cheap, local beach-side holiday

* And others which I forgot as of now *grins*

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