Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It went *thud-thud*

When he said that he got into an accident and my heart almost stopped.

Fell asleep at the wheel apparently. Too tired. I was almost in tears and my hands were starting to get all sweaty and cold.

I went numb with pain and fear. "And you? Are you OK?" I asked. "I'm fine.." he mumbled.

His car swerved to the left, and a fraction of a second later when he awoke, he took an immediate swerve to the right to avoid hitting the dividers, but ended up hitting an oncoming motorcyclist instead. The motorcyclist was thrown off his bike and was injured. The motorcyclist also bled a whole lot lying there on the roads. The cops came, the ambulance came...

"Are you sure you're OK? No injuries?" I asked again. "Yeah I'm OK..." he said again.

"So what happened then?" I probed further.

"Cops initially wanted me to do a urine. But in the end we didn't do it. I'm going to the police station tomorrow first thing in the morning," he explained.

I froze. He cannot possibly go for a urine. I was scared. So very scared.

"Would you like me to go the police station with you tomorrow morning?" I said it with much weight upon my words cos I was just so numb.

"Naw.. It's OK. Really, it's OK.. I was just kidding!", and he then let out a hearty laugh.

I didn't know whether to laugh at the joke, to give him a good trashing for pulling such a prank, or for crying happy tears cos it's all good. I ended up spitting a whole string of profanities and he kept apologizing and laughing at the same time.

I cannot, CANNOT take such excitement. It's like some sick joke.. and I cannot comprehend why someone can do something like this? Giving you that sudden jolt that stops you dead in your tracks, where your heart goes *thud-thud* and damn, it hurts with each thud.

I cannot, repeat - CANNOT take such excitement.

Posted by Doreen at 11:18 am