Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the 16

Because she has been such an angel, and because I've not been writing, here's a tag...

The 16 Things You Are Forced To Know About Me

  1. I'm going to Manado in May, and Sipadan (again!) in July!

  2. After all the year-end festivities, I seriously need to shed some kgs. (Fast and effective tips welcomed, and no, don't tell me to not eat or state the obvious, like exercise, or cut down on ice cream!)

  3. According to my mom, I loooooved papayas when I was young, and I'd eat it with everything, including white rice. But I absolutely cannot stand them now. When you eat papayas, you smell them in your poop the next morning. That's not very nice is it?

  4. I was trained in classical piano all the way up to Grade 5, and then I quit.

  5. Ever since I started diving, I've not been able to think straight. After each trip, I come back yearning for more. When at my work desk, my mind (sometimes) wanders off into the deep blue. When surfing through channels on the tele, I stop at channels where underwater images/divers/marine life are being shown. At the bookstore, I regularly check in for the arrival of dive-related titles. And I still harbour the dream of owning and running a small set-up by the beach with some rooms, a bar and now - dive facilities.

  6. I admit that I'm not a very good friend cos I'm awful at keeping in touch. Oh, but I do try! There are 2 situations though - (1) I really like you and I really enjoy your company, but I'm really sorry cos we never seem to be able to find time to catch up or (2) You know, I really don't fancy your company all that much, and not calling is my way of easing you out of my 'friends list' politely.

  7. My best friend is having her first baby this Saturday! OMG, I'm so excited!

  8. I just finished staring at my toes and realized how disgusting they look. My red nail polish has been on for 4 weeks now. Maybe tonight I'll just touch up on the white bits since I'm too lazy to re-do them.

  9. I have a lot of writing pads / notepads of all sizes and they are all written in. I end up losing track of what I wrote, where.

  10. You probably already know this, but yes, I am anti-Facebook. Many have attempted to stay away, but eventually got sucked in. I still stand tall and proud.

  11. You know, when I'm caught in a traffic jam and if there happens to be a van / pick-up truck / lorry right next to my car (drivers of these vehicles are usually icky men); 7 out of 10 times, they try and engage me in some harmless flirting by winking / waving / yelling their silly heads off from their vehicle eventhough my window is not down, I rarely hesitate to give them the finger.

  12. My dad is retiring in less than a month's time. I'm trying to help him gather ideas to keep him occupied at home. Diving is not an option because he and mom aren't too fond of water. Let me know if you have brilliant ideas.

  13. My car's auto window isn't working. It comes down, but has problems coming back up. This is my third motor replacement. Perodua!

  14. Work rant - As part of my job, I interview local celebrities who are pregnant or just had a baby for the publication I work for. We got in touch with a particular local TV actress who confirmed her participation and asks us to shortlist a few dates. We did and tried to get back in touch with her. After 10 days of not answering or replying to our calls, emails and SMSes, we almost gave up. On the eleventh day, she finally did and had the nerve to ask, "Siapa nih?" She apologized, we accepted. We thought that maybe she went into hiding since she had been going through some bad press because her husband was caught shagging another actress. We then told her we'll come back with a few more dates for her, and she said OK. Tried contacting her the next day, and she doesn't answer calls, AGAIN! Eventually, we got someone younger and definitely a lot cuter than that old makcik.

  15. Did I tell you that the I loved the mojitos at La Bodega @ Telawi? Well, I'm not going to be raving about them no more because the mojitos tasted like crap on my last few visits.

  16. Eh, my birthday is in a month! Lavish me with presents please? *blink blink*

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