Saturday, February 21, 2009

baby's out!

I had meant to sleep in this morning.

But I got up a little before half past eight, and after a drink of water and breakfast, I went back into bed with The Three Daughters of Madame Liang.

As pages were devoured, I kept track of time.

At 9:42am, the message said "Gao tim jor. Everything's good. Pics later!" (Gao tim jor [Cantonese]: Done already!)

That was Stefi's hubby.

The little bugger is out!

Visiting them at the hospital later.

Little Jeremy (I sure hope they've locked the name down this time!) arrives into the world!



Jeremy Long arrived into the world at 9:04am on 21 February 2009!

He came weighing in at 3.65kg and measures 51cm.

Both mom and baby are doing great!

Posted by Doreen at 10:48 am