Wednesday, April 08, 2009

my hostility

One. I'm not made out for Customer Service.

Two. I have no patience for dumb people.

And I really don't know which of these statements are true.

My colleague who is in Customer Service is away on maternity leave (thank god she's coming back soon!) and so the rest of us in the office have to help out in that department.

I'm generally a nice person (you guys, please tell me this is true!), and my parents taught me manners. I say please and thank you.

So I called this Northern Bitch (I like this nickname, she's from Penang you see) to inform her of her eligibility to receive the gift from one of our sponsors and that collection can be made from our office until so-and-so date.

She started whining, wanting us to send it out to her since she lives in Penang.

I gave her my usual, "I'm sorry ma'am, we don't send out the prizes. Winners have to collect it from our office. It is stated in the Terms & Conditions"

Her reply? "Oh, but I didn't read that part!"

My Dumb-People-Radar was already beeping loud and clear by then.

Then, I offered her solutions - "Do you have friends/family in KL who can help you collect your prize?"

"Got, but so troublesome lah, you send it to me laaaaah!" she whined.

I repeated what I had said earlier about the T&Cs, and because she doesn't know what else to say, in a very pissed off tone, she said "You all put fine print, how am I supposed to see? You running some fake marketing gimmick to con the public is it?"

So I said to her, "No ma'am. In fact, the terms and conditions of this promotion is printed in the same font size as the points under the 'How To Participate' section".

My boss thinks I should be less hostile.

I agree lah!

It's just, GRRRRRR!!!!

You know what I mean?

Posted by Doreen at 1:20 pm