Friday, January 28, 2005

I know that the magazine CLEO isn't much. The articles are recycled over and over again over the years (my collection proves it!). The fashion tips are recycled over and over too. And so are the Q&A Life, Men, Sex, Health sections (a.k.a Dear Thelma). But yet, every month, as I stroll into bookstores, I fork out RM5.60 for it. I wonder why. I read others too, like Female, Marie Claire and once in a while, a US Cosmopolitan for a treat. But CLEO, I buy every month *stares at the February issue on my desk*

I don't know what I see in CLEO. It's light-hearted and entertaining I reckon. And I like looking at pictures of all the pretty little trinkets, accessories, dresses, beauty products, etc.

Oh well. Turns out I'm just like any other girl next door. As much as I want to be different, be eccentric in my own ways, I fall into being mainstream. Now I know I'm NOT different, I'm NOT eccentric, I'm just NORMAL. Everything about me screams "NORMAL" *bawls*

Went to The Actor's Studio to watch the comedy Mr. Kong & Mr. Kay last night (click HERE for synopsis). I was disappointed. Terribly disappointed.

Throughout the entire 2 hours, I only saw 3 faces on stage.. And that to me was boring. I don't like to watch something with too many characters for fear of getting lost and not remembering who is who. But 3? 3 is just insufficient. It got boring 10 minutes after the intermission.

I wouldn't say that it isn't funny. Sure, I laughed a bit in the beginning. But I soon got tired. And bored. When you do the things over and over again, and when people can almost predict what's going to happen next.. err.. did I mention how boring it can get?

It's predictable, and the jokes are cheap. Lily Chee who played Gabriella Kok also messed up a wee bit. We all saw her fumbling for a bit and then let out a laugh when she was supposed to be angry.

I came out feeling like I've wasted money and not to mention 2 whole hours of my evening. I still believe Actor's Studio produce brilliant plays. Maybe this one just does not suit my tastebuds. I ought to go watch Hamlet next week.. It will be Faridah Merican's third attempt in directing this play in Bahasa Malaysia.

Gavin Yap is Hamlet while Christina Orow plays Queen Gertrude in the Actor's Studio's Malay adaptation of Hamlet.

I wonder if I need to bring my Dewan Bahasa kamus along? My BM is rusty. I'm ashamed to say that of course. How can I not speak BM fluently as a Malaysian? Sigh.

Shame on you Doreen!

* Kamus - Dictionary
* Photo courtesy of The Star Online

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