Wednesday, August 03, 2005

After a long hiatus, no wait, correction - a really, really, really long hiatus, I've finally decided to come back to blogging, and I'm hoping to get my very reliable personal blog assistant to help me with a new look. Soon.

It's now August, and wow. I've been away for 5 months. Well, work was enough to keep me busy. You know those days when I come into the office and spend my hours over idle surfing? Well, they're gone! I no longer have that privilege anymore. OK, maybe occassionaly. But in the last 5 months, I had no such luxury.

Lately though, I do have some spare time. So I'm sitting here wondering if my "To Do Tasks" have dwindled again, or just the fact that I'm now much more organized. I'd like to think of it as the latter. Anyways, I've missed blogging.

Coincidentally, yours truly has just returned from another Tioman trip last week. Ahh.. a Tioman trip to end my blogging days back then, and it took another Tioman Trip to revive and reignite my desire to blog.

I'll write again shortly. Am in the midst of updating some Microsoft softwares, and might need to restart the computer.

Posted by Doreen at 3:19 pm