Monday, August 29, 2005

Chi is Perfect Balance

My boss wears a silver and gold band on his right wrist. It's a nice looking accessory for today's fashionable men. When babe saw it while we were all having drinks on Friday night, he said he wanted to get one too! So we went shopping for one on Sunday.

The only thing I know about this band was that golfers and athletes wear it, but for what I don't know. The golf shop that we went to stocked the Q-Ray brand.. and surfing online today, Q-Ray is amongst the first few links that the google results presented. And a few other sports website also recommended the Q-Ray brand! I'm now super impressed at our purchase! *grins* Hey! At least I know we made a good choice!

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Babe ended up getting the Combo Deluxe, and as you see, from the Q-Ray website where this image was lifted, it costs USD$159.90. But here in Malaysia, the selling price was RM395. That's pretty decent ain't it?

Anyways, I found the name funny. Combo Deluxe. Doesn't it sound like something from McD's or KFC or any fast food joints?

The sales person ranted on forever about the benefits of wearing this bracelet, balancing your energies, easing joint aches and athritis, etc. I looked at her in disbelief. You mean a band like this will ease joint and muscle pains? What do doctors survive on then if all of America bought a Q-Ray band for USD$159? Haha. Oh well, I suppose this is a form of "alternative health product" like uh, aromatherapy.

Apparently, according to oriental Yin-Yang theory, it is important to achieve a state of "Chi" where the Yin (body's negative energy) and the Yang (body's positive energy) is balanced. This natural balance will allow the body to perform to its fullest potential. This ionized band will apparently allow you to have a good chi, and hence the wearer will achieve overall well-being.

Well, I spend money on alternative health products, like lavender oil and aromatherapy candles, and other knick knacks. But babe isn't a golfer or an athlete!


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