Friday, August 19, 2005

Independent Friday

Today is Friday. Tonight will be the first in 2 months since I've moved into the new place that I'm going to have to spend Friday night alone. Well, it's not a bad thing because I don't really have the urge to go out and partake in crazy parties. Not only am I knackered out from the week's work, I also feel fat and bloated because of the monthly visit by an aunt of mine.

These days I look forward to spending Friday nights at home with Al, but he's gotta work on his presentation tonight and be at work early tomorrow morning.. so that leaves me alone. So before I get bored curling under my quilt and watching whatever that's on tele (yes, Idols will be on, but only for an hour!).. I'd better plan my night's agenda.

After work today...

I will go to the shop and buy meself a bottle of red. Or two *grins* Beer gives me a tummy so we'll skip that. Though I probably can't afford anything too fancy... and plus I'm no wine connoisseur, something cheap and sweet will do just nice.

After which, I will drop by the bookstore and pick up something nice to read. Nothing too serious though cos it IS afterall Friday. Commoners like us still need to read, I mean, I'm not married to any Beckham *guffaws*

Since I plan to stay in all night, I'll probably pick up dinner (and ice cream!) on my way home too.

Once I get home, I'll jump out of work clothes, take a nice long, hot shower and put on my favourite red Winnie the Pooh boxer shorts and an old camisole and start getting comfy. I'll eat dinner, have dessert, watch tv and do some reading while getting drunk.

Now doesn't that sound fantabulous?

Posted by Doreen at 10:23 am