Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Censoring Virginity

I'm always amazed by the words that are being censored on prime television, while some more obvious innuendos escape their clutches.

It was Tuesday night and I'm usually bound to the bed cos of all the programmes which come on at night. I saw Oliver's Twist (my god, Jamie Oliver is the cutest thing on earth! And that British accent, and even a lisp to boot! *drools*), the Joey and finally Desperate Housewives before I called it a night.

DH was good last night, as it always is *grins* So Bree Van Der Kamp confronted her daughter's boyfriend John the gardener, who was also previously having an affair with Mrs. Sollis, and the remark she made was -

"Danielle was planning on giving you her virginity, and I'd rather you not take it!"

The censored word? Virginity.

I was left puzzled when I saw Bree's lips move to the word virginity, but that my speakers emitted no sound for that word.

Virginity has the meaning of: (1) The quality or condition of being a virgin, (2) The state of being pure, unsullied, or untouched.

If they censored the word "sex", I'd understand. If they censored the word "f*ck", I'd understand. If they censored the word "bonking", I'd understand. But "VIRGINITY"?

A BBC report online quoted, "Malaysia has some of the toughest censorship laws in the world. The authorities exert substantial control over the media and restrictions may be imposed in the name of national security. The government is keen to insulate the largely-Muslim population from what it considers harmful foreign influences on TV. News is subject to censorship, entertainment shows and music videos regularly fall foul of the censors, and scenes featuring swearing and kissing are routinely removed from TV programmes and films". (Source:

Another scene from last night's DH episode went like this..

John's room mate approached Mrs. Sollis and offered his gardening services to her free of charge. Justin told Gabrielle Sollis that he'd also be willing to offer her any other services which she require and specifically said "Any other services which John offered you".

Their conversation went somewhat like this -

"I'd be more than happy to mow the lawn and trim your bushes Mrs. Sollis," said Justin with a cheeky little smirk.

"Oh, my husband is home a lot these days, and if there are bushes that need trimming, he'll be able to do that" came the reply.

Now we all know what it meant. Their conversation was heavily loaded with sexual innuendo, but hey, no problemo! No muted conversations there. Then again, it's impossible for them to cut off a whole scene right?

Anyways. Virginity?! Argh, I still can't get over this.

Posted by Doreen at 9:39 am