Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Auntie In Progress

I am 24 this year.

The other day, a few of us stood outside the nursery accompanying Chris while waiting for her 4-year old son to finish school, and we'll then have lunch at KFC together. Kids love KFC don't they?

Jason soon came running out and hugged his mommy, and like any Chinese mother, she said to her son, "Never call people ah?" while she busied herself with wiping the sweat off his forehead that left strands of his hair sticking to his head like a piece of soggy cloth.

Jason turned to the guys (both of them 30-somethings) and called them "Uncle". They cooed at how cute he was and gave him a little pat on his head. Then he turned to me and before I even had a chance to panic, he said "Auntie". You see? I had a reason to panic! Auntie? AUNTIE?

Chris chided Jason, "Jie jie, not Auntie".

Jason quickly corrected himself and re-addressed me as "Jie Jie".

It made me feel good. Just for a while. While walking towards KFC, I thought to myself, "Oh no. Now I'm an auntie already?"

And we all know kids NEVER lie.

Posted by Doreen at 12:11 pm