Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Oh, I hate you so!

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Cockroaches are an integral part of a Malaysian's life. We sometimes see them at home, in our front porch, at the mamak, at the beef noodles or roast pork stall in Chinatown, in the bathroom, at your school or office canteen, well, practically anywhere.

Cockroaches are potential vectors of diseases such as dysentery, gastro-enteritis, typhoid and poliomyelitis. They are omnivorous and their diet includes fermenting substances, soiled septic dressings, hair leather, parchment, wallpaper, faeces and food for human consumption. Food may be contaminated either by the body of the cockroach or from its faeces.

I know of many people who are terrified of roaches, and yours truly is no different. They scurry about so quickly that you soon find yourself in a frenzy of dance steps as you hurriedly jump to higher ground. And the next thing you know, that little bugger has flapped open its wings and is now off the ground, flying towards you! ARGH.

On Sunday night at approximately 11:40pm when we hit into the railing on the left of the road, which then caused the dirver to swerve the car to the opposite direction, and finally resulted in a head-on collision with a large brick wall at the side of the highway.

The car is a goner. The Wira's bonnet is squashed to about one third it's original length. Thank god the three passengers within were safe as we clambered out of the car in a daze. The shock didn't do me much good. I mumbled incoherently for a few minutes while my head spinned, and eventually settled down at the side of the road nursing my sprained thumb and thigh, caused from the impact of me being thrown forcefully against the back of the front passenger seat. No blood in sight thank goodness!

The driver wasn't drunk. Neither was he high on drugs.

It was a cockroach. The driver was merely trying to shoo a baby cockroach that was scurrying about on the driver's side window. Now all literature about roaches should inform that not only do they cause diseases, they cause car accidents too!

Signing off with a slight limp...

Posted by Doreen at 11:35 am