Monday, October 03, 2005

Our Friendly Coppers

"Sheeeeetttt!" I cursed at myself while trying to yank my seatbelt in hopes of securing it before any of them saw me. But of course, these cops are too fast. They always catch us in the act anyway.

So I pulled over and took out my driver's license. As he strolled up to my car, I wound my window down and handed him my ID.

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COP: Aah you lagi!

ME: Eeh.. mana ada! First time lah encik!

COP: Kerja kat mana?

ME: Cheras.

COP: So, I kasi saman ok?

ME: Ah OK, saya dah melanggar peraturan jalan raya, of course kenalah saman!

COP: Betul you nak saman?

ME: Habis macam mana?

COP: Oh, you boleh belanja I minum kopi ke..

ME: Tak nak ah.. member-member you kat belakang tuh ramai, takde duit lah abang.

COP: Wah you pakai seksi ah... (The slit on the skirt I was wearing falls sideways when I sit.. thus, showing some skin)

ME: Takde lah.. pakaian kerja biasa saja *smiles sweetly*

COP: You party tak? Ada gi karaoke tak?

ME: Takde lah.. mana adau duit nak party. Nak kena bayar saman nih.

COP: Ah, tak pe lah.. lain kali, bila you nak party, you telepon lah.

ME: Boleh jugak, abang kasi nombor lah.

(I produced a notepad on which he scribbled his name and number)

COP: Ahh.. kalau lain kali ada apa-apa kat Subang ke, Puchong ke, call lah I.

ME: Oh sudah tentu!

COP: Ah moi, ah moi, I tengok you pakai seksi macam nih, tak rela lah I kasi saman..

ME: *Smiles sweetly*

COP: OK lah, kali nih abang bagi chance..

ME: Terima kasih bang.. *pulled my seatbelt and buckled it there and then*

And as I drove off, I almost choked on my own vomit.

Urgh. Flirting with a fat, horny old cop is just revolting!

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