Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Monkey-ing Around

Are you the office flirt?

The modern workplace is charged with sexual energy - an evolutionary hangover from the days when procreation and survival were the name of the game. We might think we've learned to control the primitive instincts which our ancestors relied on, but the trappings of modern office life merely serve to remind us that under the surface, we might not be so sophisticated after all.

The average office worker spends over 260 full days a year with their colleagues, and the ways in which we interact with one another in person, via email and even on the phone can be indicative of the ways we repress and sublimate our innate behaviour.

I took the test. I always take nonsensical tests *grins*

The Monkey

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Noisy and high-spirited, you are the office joker - a quality you use to your advantage when it comes to entrapping the opposite sex. Everyone likes you and enjoys your sense of humour and ability to be light-hearted, even when things aren't going well. You flirt constantly, even without knowing it, and use your comic approach to wheedle your way into people's affections whilst covering your real intentions. Work is your playground - and that applies sexually as well - you certainly wouldn't shy away from a few naughty games in the office. All in the spirit of fun, naturally. The only problem you may have is when your jokey outlook means you 're flirting isn't taken seriously by the true object of your affections.

So.. Take the Office Flirt Test!

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