Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Side by Side

A friend related this to me a couple of days ago, and I found it rather interesting.

Men are women are made to live alongside each other, by rule of nature that is. One of the most famous couple of all time would have to be Adam and Eve. Adam was the first human created by God, and subsequently, Eve from a bone from Adam's rib.

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Men are physically more active and capable than their female counterparts, dating back to their hunting days. This is their capability - action oriented, using their limbs, the arms and legs. Women's skills are however lean more towards the emotional and intuitional aspect of their minds and hearts.

To survive, men and women need to work together to complete the picture. Men and women are supposed to form a team and make use of the respective skills, capabilities and gifts that each are blessed with.

My friend picked up this "theory" during one of his Christian cell group meetings, but don't worry - it ain't preachy.

Men, in their day-to-day activities and decision making, ought to consult their partner, a woman, their wife before embarking on making the decision solely on their own. Why?

Women have gifts that men don't. We've got the "female intuition" that usually is right. If we look at someone, we'll probably be able to tell if this person is genuinely nice or being sly. Men can't. They are insensitive to issues like this and their decisions are based solely on the one-plus-one-equals-two theory. Women look beyond that. A woman's sixth sense about someone or something ought to be taken into consideration by their male partners.

Of course, the biblical reference of Adam and Eve would make women the inferior species because she was created from a a rib of Adam's.


This school of thought came as a new thing to me. "Why do you think God chose the rib? And not a bone from the toes? Or a back bone?" said my friend.

"Because, they are supposed to be side-by-side".

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