Thursday, October 27, 2005

Spotted dick for you?

My third sister Elaine is currently pursuing a Medical degree in Scotland, while sis number 2, Daphne is in Singapore, and I'm here in KL. Meeting in cyberspace to catch up and chat to one another is always fun, and after today, I'm going to be looking forward to more of these!

Finding out more about her life in Scotland...

Me: So have you had a spotted dick yet?
El: Duh, plenty! They look gross!
Me: Yeah well, they sound gross too! But were they nice?
El: Nice dicks? Flappy thing hanging off the end, some people have nothing but a stump only!
Me: What? I meant the food? Spotted dick the food? Isn't it a British thing? A pudding with raisins and nuts?
El: Hahahah. I thought you meant penises!
Me: OMG!

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And here was I wondering, flapping thing hanging off the end? Whaaaaat?

Heh, the next time while doing her groceries, I bet she's going to look out for some spotted dick, and have a good laugh over flapping penises while eating the pudding!

Ahh.. things Medical school does to you!

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