Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Celebrating Life

How many times have you ever heard a girlfriend or find yourself moaning about that hasty purchase made, only to find that you hardly ever use it. It could be that pair of to-die-for stilettos, or that tight hot-pink pants that looked uber cool, that set of crystal dinner ware, the matching 3-piece luggage set, or even that cute sweater which was on a whooping 70% discount.

Then you realize that that pair of stilettos are really a killer-pair - you can barely walk from the carpark to your office in them. You realize that the tight hot-pink pants looked good on the mannequins at the store, but you wouldn't be caught dead walking around KL in them. You realize that you hardly ever have parties at your own place so the set of crystal dinner ware is sitting in the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet collecting dust. The 3-piece luggage set of course will make you look every part of a fashionable traveller, except, you hardly travel. Then that pair of cute sweater is just.. TOO cute that it sends shivers up your spine when you try it on again at home.

Ahh.. women and their impetuous and impulsive purchases at the store.

Yesterday, I made a rather hasty decision. But unlike all my previous impulsive acts, this is one I am super excited about and not in the least bit regretful of.

Eureka! Hues of gold and red?
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Let me have a better view!
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Waitaminit, now that DOES look good on you!
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Over lunch, I picked up a flyer advertising the opening specials of a hair saloon and in 5 minutes, I was inside making an appointment with the stylist to have my hair coloured that same evening when I knock off from work. By 6pm sharp, I was seated on that swivel chair facing a mirror and picking out the colours I want. By 9pm, I walked out of the saloon to the swish swish of my new hairdo.

My new hairdo in bright hues of gold and red celebrate the colours of life. Or at least I'd like to think of it in this manner.


It IS the perfect answer for a 24 year old who suddenly had the urge to do something crazy, loving every minute of it and lapping up all the attention that comes along with it.

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