Monday, January 16, 2006

If it's yours, it's yours

The last day for submission of entries for the Star Power of 9 contest was last Friday. The grand prize as you all know, is a whopping RM199,999! With that kind of money up for grabs, and only submission of original forms allowed, Malaysia went into a frenzy and many bought newspapers in bulk and diligently completed all the forms. When I mean bulk, I mean BULK.

Every other day during that week, there would be stories about this someone who's loaded an entire trolley-full of newspapers into his car so that he could buy his dream house, or a couple who submitted 500 entries so that they can renovate their house or something or the other. I read these stories with amazement and wonder how in the world am I to compete with these guys? I merely submitted a total of 7 or 8 entries - one from every copy of the Star for the entire week. Of course, the rationale here is that if they won that money, 500 bucks is nothing. But to me, if I didn't win the money, goodbye 500 bucks! Nah. I'm not much of a gambler.

But I believe in fate. Or luck actually. My theory is simple. If you're meant to win it, that single entry you submitted will bring you your RM 199,999. But if it's not in your stars, you can submit even 1,000 entries, and you'll never get that giant prize money, maybe just a prize for submission of the most entries.

We're managing Fear Factor: College Edition for the Blue Telco, and our first campus stop was of course home ground last Friday. On that day, we had a Motorola V975 to give away. The current retail price for this 3G unit is about RM1800, or thereabouts.

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Our game mechanic is simple. We have a glass tank and we fill it up with 10 kilograms of worms. In there as well, are pieces of paper which the contestant will have to pick up to determine what prize s/he will get. Every piece of paper will win a prize, ranging from small items such as a pen to the grand prize such as the Motorola mobile phone.

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Each contestant will need to purchase a recharge card worth RM10, and this will entitle you to one lucky dip in the tank of worms.

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Jerold, eager to win the phone, spent RM 200 purchasing 20 recharge cards, entitling him to 20 encounters with the worms in the tank. Just as he finished his 20th draw, Kak Zuraini, purchased two recharge cards just to top up her credit, then dipped her hands into the tank of worms and pulled out two pieces of paper. Her second paper read "Congratulations! You have just won a Motorola V975!"

Jerold was stumped.

See what I mean?

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