Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006: Here I come!

Well, here comes another new year! Resolutions? Well, at first I thought I had none. But then, upon further consideration, there ARE actually a couple of things which I hope to achieve. Yes, I have some realistic resolutions, but nothing addressing addictions - food and tobacco - cos these are the toughest to stick to.

1. To lose a minimum of 5 kgs come March 2006. It will be an awesome birthday gift to myself. Been hitting the gym religiously, and I would like to keep doing it and hopefully come March, shed it off. 5 kgs would be minimum, but if I can hit 7 or 8 kgs, that would be marvelous! If I succeed to lose this amount by March, maybe I can set another target for June 2006 too! OK, that's another unrealistic one I think. So scrap that off for now.

2. Manage my finances. I suck at this. I really do. So I hope to be better at it this year. People talk of the importance of saving up for rainy days.. but in my world, it rains at the end of every month and there is no savings to shelter me from the downpour. But we'll take it step by step. Savings can come AFTER I start getting the hang of managing monies properly and not run into negative before the next pay cheque rolls in. OK, so maybe this resolution can read "Don't run into negative before the 30th of every month".

4. To try and abide by ALL traffic regulations during daylight hours and to not bribe any police officers when I'm being pulled over. You pull me over, give me a ticket. I won't try and sweet talk you into letting me give you some "kopi money". Ah, night time is different though. I may be having a drink or two (yeah right!), and really, D.U.I is a major offense and I don't think there is a ticket for this. You go straight to the police station no? And I don't want to be caught on camera doing ear squats in the nude, so I'll just bribe.

5. Be patient. I'm easily aggravated and irritated. Screaming babies, children wailing in public places and parents who don't give a hoot, promoters at supermarkets 'recommending' me to try this new shampoo or conditioner even after I said "No thank you", idiotic customer service personnel over the telephone, tele-sales personnel trying to sell me VIP cards of some hotel or the other even after I said "No thank you", drivers going at 60km/h on the third lane, cashiers who go "Can I round it up to RM127.20?" when the bill clearly states RM127.12 (Where does the RM0.08 sen go to? 10 customers = RM 0.80, 100 customers = RM 8 - You get my drift), old grandmothers who act old and fragile and quietly slide in front of you when queueing up for public toilets at shopping malls and then you don't really have a heart to tell them off because they're old and fragile, oooh, you know I could go on forever about the things that irritate me. So yes, all in all, I'll try and be more patient, to look past these things and well, these ARE Malaysians we're talking about!

2006, here I come!

Posted by Doreen at 3:20 pm