Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wigan who?

I enjoy watching soccer games, and particularly games between the English Premier League giants. My interest towards soccer started back in college days when I was sharing an apartment with a bunch of other boys who were into the EPL.

Like everyone else, I rooted for the Red Devils. They were in their glory days, and we all wanted to share the glory, no? And then of course there were good looking men for me to oggle at and I was particularly fond of Ryan Giggs. I've always thought his mob of curly black hair to be sexy. Yes, the hair on his head. The head on top of his neck. But these days, he sports a very short cut. Giggs is a fantastic player, probably one of the best left wingers and attacking players in the soccer world.

During the World Cup of 1998, the guys and me pooled some money together so we could have ASTRO at the apartment and watch the live games. On one particular match day, I stayed up all night with my Geography textbook on my lap and my eyes glued to the idiot box, while watching Italy play.. was it against Argentina or England, I couldn't remember. After the game, the guys and me went out for breakfast, and I rushed to college to sit for my Geography paper. I caught the Finals of World Cup 98 in Bali, between France and Brazil. Dad took us for a holiday there after my exams.

When Beckham married Victoria, I had a poster of the bride and groom, along with the entire team in my bedroom wall. That was a good poster. But sadly, I don't have it anymore.

For World Cup 2002, I was spending my final year in Perth. As Seoul and Japan played host to this event that particular year, we didn't have to stay up till the wee hours in the morning to catch the games because we were in a similar time zone. Most of the games I caught, I caught it alone at the apartment. The Aussies aren't that big on soccer, still preferring their Aussie footy and cricket matches. But I caught the opening game between France and Senegal with David and his parents. It was quite a different atmosphere. No noisy boys. No spilling beer and soft drinks. No "pass me the chips". No vulgarities. No bets. This is when I missed the guys whom I shared World Cup 1998 with.

These days, I hardly keep up with what's going on in the EPL, UEFA or any other leagues for that matter. Sure, I think Mourinho is a pig and a damn arrogant one, but he must be doing something right for the Blues. And I know Ferguson is in the shits now because his team didn't make it thru for European cup. And Beck's much publicized transfer to Spain and his brawl with Fergie back then. And then Keane's departure. And Ronaldo's rape allegation, Rooney being naughty, oh there's just too much drama going on.

As for the games, nah, I hardly ever watch soccer anymore. Maybe the occassional match or two, or when I happen to be with babe and there's a match he wants to catch. Or when there's a game like "Will MU end Arsenal's winning streak?" or something like that - then I'll be sure to watch it.

But if you ask me now, "Which team are you for?" - I'll still say Manchester United. Why? Because they will always have a place in my heart. The Red Devils is not just a soccer team for me. Manchester United is associated with my growing up years, and it brings back plenty of fond memories - of places, conversations and the people. Yes, the team has changed much from back then in 97/98. But so have I.

Here's to Manchester United and all Devils' supporters - congratulations on your 4-0 win against Wigan! Muahahahaha.

Posted by Doreen at 2:52 pm