Thursday, November 24, 2005

Little Red Riding Car

I finally surrendered to the layers of dirt enveloping the red metallic body of my little car, and took it to a carwash after about 3 or 4 months of it not being washed. Little red car must be thrilled beyond words, finally having a decent shower after all dirt which has found permanent residency on its body. Even the owner was so excited when the men at the carwash sprayed powerful jets of water onto the car and scrubbed it clean.

The morning after that, I carefully selected a nice parking spot in the basement carpark, shielded from the skies should it rain. I purposely got to the office early in hopes of securing a parking space in the basement. As I manouvered the little red car into the lot, I was all smiles - "Even if it does rain this afternoon, my little red car will be nice and dry - and most importantly, remain clean!" I thought to myself.

At 6pm, I went down to the basement, ready to wrap up a day's work and go home for some R & R. To my horror.... !!!

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What in the world IS that? I looked up at the ceiling of the basement and saw a wet patch which was dripping water onto the sides of the little red car. Not just any water mind you! It was a mixture of water and ceiling plaster and god knows what!

I quickly reversed out of the parking lot and retrieved a rag and a bottle of water from the boot and begin to scrub and wipe at the white patch fervently. The stain will not leave little red car! Oh no...

I drove back to the carwash round the corner and enquired if they'd be able to remove the stain. They used some car wax and car polish cream and scrubbed for a good 15 minutes. Stubborn stain!

Finally, they gave up and told me that this is the best that they can clean. They didn't even charge me for the service! Nice carwash men.

I squinted at where the stain was, well, most of it is gone, but I'm still not THAT happy with it. I want more removed.

I then drove it to the nearest mechanic and asked if they could try help me remove the remainder of the stain. They came out with bottles of other fluid and begin scrubbing and polishing.. And after about 15 minutes, told me that this is the best that they can scrub off. They didn't charge me a thing too. Nice mechanics.

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I looked at it and figured, "Oh well. I'd say a good 97% has been removed", and drove home feeling much better. I also made a mental note to blog about it soon, and to email the picture to the people in charge of building maintenance at the office.

If the stain had not come off, heh.. they'll be able to taste the wrath of my fury!

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