Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Living Out Loud party!

As a student during college days, we enjoyed going to Starhill. Yes, even if we couldn't possible afford anything there. I guess we went there with the sole purpose of dreaming. Yes, dreaming. We'd gawk through the immaculately polished glass windows and eye the items which were on display, the fashion, the accessories, everything was so shiny and glamourous. We'd dream about the day when we could purchase these items when we were adults.

Of course that's bullshit.

Anyways, after years of not stepping into Starhill, and even though I've heard about the renovation that Starhill underwent after Tangs closed, I never went to see how the new place turned out. Of course, we read that David Rockwell from New York was the mastermind behind the new interior design and architecture of the new space in Starhill.

We attended the launch of the new lifestyle section of Malaysian Today which was held at QBa at the Westin Hotel yesterday evening, and arriving there with some time to kill, we took a walk to Starhill.

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The new Starhill now offers five themed floors - namely Feast, Indulge, Explore, Pamper and Muse.

We walked around the Lower Ground floor, which was themed Feast. This level houses an array of international cuisine and well, it's like a super-duper upmarket Marche. Of course, Marche is pale in comparison to this place! Anderson said we ought to check out their toilets cos they were superb! I was so impressed by the ladies! With brown bricks surrounding the walls and a soft yellow light inside, the whole toilet even smells of some exquisite spice, and well, it was lovely. After taking a piss, I looked at the sink in amazement...

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Isn't it wow? To get water running from the tap, you gotta rotate the wheel! I excitedly updated the guys on the super cool ladies, and found out that their tap is pretty unique too! They had to tug on a pulley thing (like in the olden days) to get water running from the taps. Neat huh?

Walking around for a bit, we came to the bar which was situated in the middle of all the other restaurants. This bar is awesome. The barmaids are dressed in black leather dress, and they look hot. The whole bar is decorated with empty bottles and jars - some are painted with glass paint, and some are left au naturel.

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And then I spotted this bucket of beer...

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.. and felt my throat suddenly drying up and me feeling very thirsty.

But instead of having beers, we ventured upstairs to check out other shops and found a super cool chillout venue.

It's called Tiffin Bay, located right next to Beatrice Looi, and it is the most colourful little place which I've seen!

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Facing the main entrance of Starhill from 2 floors above, we each ordered a drink and I had a chocolate raspberry milkshake. Nyam. It was priced at RM12++. Reasonable enough.

Soon it was time to head back over to QBa. It was a great party! Free flow of wines and beer. That's all it took to have a great party going actually. They had free tarot card reading and also a booth for a quick manicure fix too!

QBa's a pretty cool place. Nice deco. Nice ambience. Apparently, the food's pretty good as well. Should go back and check it out some time.

We sat at the bar, right under this towering angel.

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And for participating in a little game which required me to do a little catwalk and to shake my booty, I got this..

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All in all, kudos to the team at Malaysian Today for throwing such a great party!

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