Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another Blogger Exposed?

Blogsphere is getting complicated.

Ever since blogging became a global fad, we've been hearing of "famous" bloggers who have gotten their fair share of attention - from the blogging community, masses, and the media.

We had XiaXue and her handicapped toilet issue, Sarong Party Girl who exposed her titties in cyberspace, Dawn Yang who had allegedly gone for plastic surgery and news of her being talent scouted. Oh, also the 2 Chinese bloggers who were jailed for posting what is deemed to be racist remarks on their blogs.

Then there are those who use blogging as a way to "fight for justice" or to "be heard" with the likes of Zouk Abuse and Corrupted Malaysia.

Oh come on. Enough already!

But notice how XiaXue, SPG and Dawn are all Singaporean bloggers? I wonder why. Maybe we should spend time analysing this instead.

But hey! Good news! Malaysian bloggers are finally getting their recognition and publicity via the media!

I was seating at McD's this morning before the meeting having breakfast when I came across an article in The Star - "Action Sought Over Drug Blog". A 24-year old systems engineer who hails from Kuching has chronicled his experiences as a drug abuser in the past, detailing the substances, the high, etc. Police are now investigating, and well, a reader is urging the police to shut the blog and to take action against the blogger.

Some months ago, I was doing a research on Erimin 5, and I typed the drug name in Google. One of the links that came up was
Sixth Seal. Of course I got all the information I needed on Erimin from this blog. I remembered also browsing through the other entries after I got what I needed and remembered reading that the blogger is from Kuching.

When I read the article this morning, I knew it was the same blog. True enough.

I really don't know what to make of this. I mean, OK, so drug abuse is bad. But we don't need a blogger to tell us how to get high do we? Blogging about drugs or not, he's not going commercial and publicly selling his blog and drug-related information, or some sort of consultancy business for drug-addicts-wannabes. So what's your problem really? Anyways, there just are people with too much free time on their hands.

"The blog came to the attention of a Nanyang Siang Pau reader who sent an email to the daily to complain about the blogger, who was supposedly a computer graduate from an Australian university" --(Source: The Star, Tuesday 29 November, page 27).

Really. Enough is enough!

To Huai Bin @ Sixth Seal, good luck dude!

And before some nosey nobody comes browsing in here and reporting to some media that some bloggers are in cahoots in promoting drug abuse, I'd like to say -

"This blog does not condone the use of drugs!!!"

Yeah right.

Posted by Doreen at 1:42 pm