Friday, January 20, 2006

Things You Learn From TV

Some Lessons Learnt From Watching 1 Episode of ALIAS...

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1. A phone with camera, multimedia messaging and the rest of the other high-end functions is essential for all 2 have because it is life saving. Sydney used her mobile phone to take a picture of the dead guy whom she was buried with. She then trasmitted the picture file to her colleagues, who were then able to identify the man, thus a lead for the team.

2. That a mobile phone is, like I've said before, VERY IMPORTANT and can and will save your life. Sydney was ambushed, kidnapped and buried alive in a cemetary all the way in Cuba. Her mobile phone had four bars of battery, approximately 36 hours, or till she runs out of oxygen. Her colleague manages to fly from LA to Cuba, with help from a coordination team based in LA, and using radio transmission waves emitted by her mobile phone, able to track her whereabouts, yada yada yada.. and she's rescued!

3. That in cases of emergency, almost anyone can still perform and optometry surgery. Sydney's colleague needed this man to access the door using some sort of eye-identifying technology. BUT. The guy is dead. What do they do? Dig his eye ball out. First eye ball - ooops, accidentally snipped a nerve and juices were oozing everywhere. Not to worry - we still have the second eye ball which was dug out without causing any damage to the cornea and retina. All they needed to do then was to lift the eyeball up to the scanner, and voila!

4. A spoonish looking fork, or a forkish looking spoon is called a spork.

Well, there you go. Pretty educational don't you think?

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