Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ghost parties for 60 days

I dislike the seventh month of the Lunar calendar for the simple reason that I am real chicken shit when it comes to supernatural / spiritual stuff.

"Go home earlier ah! Don't wander the streets late at night," advised mom.

"Watch where you walk you know, don't step on any food offerings on the roadside else bad luck will befall you. You know, the spirits will get mad if you step on their food," advised an older colleague.

"Just make sure you don't drive pass any cemetaries at night lah!" said another friend.

Fuck lah. Why so many things I have to look out for? And I can't not drive pass a cemetary cos there's a giant-ass Chinese cemetary next to the highway leading to my house!

Die lah like that. And instead of the usual 30 day seventh month, because a leap year in the Lunar calendar, this year, ghost festival is over 2 months. Insane I tell you.

Then last night the boyfriend texted me.

Him: There were people singing away to celebrate the seventh month ghost festival nearby my house... a lot of people, quite happening!

Me: Really? The temple at the bottom of the hill near my house had some movie screening the other night, I suspect also for ghost festival. Did you know when they stage such shows for the spirits, the first row of seats must always be left emptied. For "them" you know. Are they doing opera? Or belting Hokkien songs?

Him: Opera and sing song lo. Just now I also heard some techno music and saw some chicks dancing there.

Me: HAHAHAHAHAH. *ROTFLOL* Wah! Got techno music too? Damn modern lah they all!

Him: Yeah, some Chinese 'feng' songs.. not bad wei!

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