Friday, October 20, 2006


Just a short note -

Yes, I am alive. Been busy, but all's good.

Happy Deepavali to the Hindus, Selamat Hari Raya to the Muslims.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Monday, October 09, 2006

How Telcos Make Me Feel "I'm Worth It"

Me: Hello Customer Service, would like to activate my international roaming for this number. Is there a fee for activation? Or a monthly subscription fee?

CS: There is no such service fee, ma'am.

Me: OK, so can you activate it for me then?

CS: First, you need to go to our nearest service centre with a copy of your IC, passport and a deposit of RM 300. With that, activation will be done within 24 hours.

Me: What? I have to pay a deposit? For what?

CS: OK ma'am. I'm looking at your records and you've been a long-time customer with us . I tell you what, I'll activate the roaming service for you over the phone.

Me: But you'll charge the RM 300 to my bill next month? Or the activation fee or whatever?

CS: No ma'am. Nothing to be paid.

Me: The deposit? Or the fee?

CS: Both ma'am.

Me: OK, so activate it please?

CS: Sure, let me just get some verification from you..

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Monday, October 02, 2006

fiftynine minutes wraps

fiftynine minutes is officially over as of last night. It ended with a bang, uh, I mean a slightly woozy feeling in the head after the few big gulps of wine I consumed on an empty stomach *grins*

Yes, Brana, I know you saw me refilling my cup a few times.

I've never seen so many people stream out of the Dram before! We had 102 people watch fiftynine minutes on our closing night.

Endings are always emotional. After working with this group of people for a few months, we wrap things up and we say goodbye. Till our next audition. Till our next production. The old familiar faces may or may not show up, the new ones meek at first, but almost immediately will fit right in.

Tash said it right. The Oral Stage is therapeutic. No matter how tired I am after a day's work, I drive like a mad woman on the Federal to (try) be punctual for rehearsals and call time, and end up having a good time there. From physical exercises to vocal and breathing techniques, the walking-aroud-the-space to reading the consonants, the acting like a monkey and trying to count till 40 in one breath, the people, oh god the people.

I'll miss you guys.

Kelvin, when's the next production slated for? Butt itchy.

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