Thursday, November 13, 2008


Driving home late one night, we ended up fighting and screaming in the car. It must have been close to midnight, if not later.

“Let me out of the fucking car!” I screamed and proceeded to yank the car door open.

He pulled my arm to stop me from being stupid.

I exploded and at the top of my lungs, instructed him to pull over now, else I’ll jump out of the moving car.

Panic set it, and he pulled over. I pushed the car door open, jumped out and begin my walk away from the car. We were on one of the slip roads off Jalan Syed Putra, and I walked towards the main road leading to the roundabout.

I never looked back.

After 30 metres or so, a white Waja pulled up next to me.

Then it hit me.

Girl. Alone. Walking on the street. Dodgy neighbourhood like Brickfields just round the corner.

“Ah moi, nak gi mana?” the cop asked me. (Literal translation: Chinese girl, where are you going)

“Err… nak balik rumah”. (Err… going home)

They questioned me further, and I told them the boyfriend and I had an argument and pointed to the Proton Satria parked at the side of the road, some 30 metres behind me.

They asked me to go back into the car.

I nodded, and dejectedly traced my steps back.

----- End of Story -----

It happened a looooong time ago *sheepish grin*

This incident came to mind while tuning in to MixFM this morning, where a man shared a similar story of his girlfriend wanting to jump out of the car during an argument.

I felt the need to document this stupidity of mine.

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