Thursday, April 16, 2009

air asia heard me

'fess up people.

Which one of you directed Air Asia's Pre-Flight Support Team to my previous entry?


So I was at work. The phone lines were ringing non-stop. In between answering calls with "Hello, (insertcompanyname)!", I was also trying to send an SMS.

I had just typed - "Someone from Air Asia..." before I had to answer the land line again.

I went, "Hello, Air Asia!"

The person on the other line said, "WHERE?"


30 minutes ago.

I had received a call from Kulen, who identified himself to be from Air Asia. He called to inform me that my previous entry had caught the attention of his supervisor, Sri. And Air Asia wanted to address my rantings.

Well, OK, he didn't exactly use the word 'rantings'.

Kulen apologized, explained and apologized again. I felt it sincere, honest and friendly. He gave me his personal email address too, and assured me replies if I were to write in.

Fine and dandy. I was pleased at being heard.


10 minutes later.

Sri called too! I managed to ask him how he came to notice this one post in my green, humble abode on the world wide web. Someone had pointed it out to him apparently. (To someone, thank you!)

He too, apologized and tried to explain to me that I was not yet notified because the flight cancellation had only taken effect about a week ago. We both even had a laugh about the all-important front-liners who represent the company. Sri also managed to inform me of a slight change in time for my Tawau-KL flight in July.


5 minutes later.

I received the revised July flight itinerary and a short note from Sri, from his personal email address.


SMS from Lynette - "So funny you, answer the phone with Air Asia!! LOL!"

I replied - "See how much of my memory space they take up?"


I'm happy to say that all's well ends well, and thank god the resort is able to accomodate all 15 of us coming in a day earlier. Yay!

And again, here's a big thank you to Sri and Kulen, who took the effort to call me.

I still love Air Asia OK!

Got free flights to give me ah Sri? :P



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