Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hello Ministry of Health and Malaysia Airlines, one of the passengers onboard the Newark-KLIA flight resides in Ampang and refuses to report herself.

This old Chinese auntie is a neighbour of a friend.

"Dont want to go lah, so scary! I have no symptoms also!"

For fuck's sake. There is a 7-day incubation period, and she'd rather sit at home not knowing, than to be certified free from the virus?


As I grow older, I find that my multi-tasking capability has dwindled.

Recently, I answered the phone at the office with "Hello, AirAsia!"

Yesterday evening, I was pondering over some Serious Matter while driving home from work.

After enduring the 30-minute Kerinchi crawl (heading towards MidValley/Kuala Lumpur), I was eagerly looking forward to take the Jalan Kelang Lama exit to get home.

But of course, in my preoccupied state of mind, I took the first exit which says Bangsar / MidValley City. Thing is, I saw the signboard, and still drove on. My brain seemed unable to process that bit of information and to make the connection of a wrong turn... until it was too late of course.

You'd think that after using this route for so many times, it' be a close-eye-also-can-get-home thing.


I'm dreaming about the Ayam Betutu (Roasted Chicken with Lemongrass Marinate) which we had over the weekend at Ole-Ole Bali.

Don't have a picture, but here is a shot of the chicken dish from here.

Looks DAMN good rite?

Well, IT IS!

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