Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Becks Cheating Again?

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Me got tickled by this little ad. Though I think Beckham is over-marketed, over-used, and over-everything else. Plus, Beckham, the name, the man, the wife - isn't that totally so yesterday? Commercially that is.

Since we are on the topic of sports, yes lah, I know, Manchester United is without a silverware this year, so can all you MU-haters out there stop the bitching already? God, go celebrate or something!

I enjoyed Liverpool's game against West Ham though. Lotsa good goals... I thought Cisse's goal was damn stylo. See? This is what sports fans should be like! Not go around bashing fans of other teams! Hehe, though I think Peter Crouch is damn funny! I've seen him fall on the field and his limbs seem to be all tangled up with one another. If he tackles another player or got tackled, it's even more hillarious! His super-tall frame and limbs that seem to go on forever make him fall clumsily!

Less than 30 days away before absenteeism from work peaks and the world's productivity dips to an all-time low! And I hope Sven has the right line-up for Germany, and I hope Rooney gets well in time. Much hoo-hah about Theo Walcott being in the 23 men line-up too. Young, yet to even play in a Premiership match, and he's off to Germany to play international.

Thing is, someone has to give these rookies a chance!

It like those recruitment ads which say, "Only those with experience need apply". Every company wants someone with experience, but how the hell is a fresh grad supposed to get experience if no one is willing to hire him in the first place? Huh? Huh?

Anyways. I'm bogged with work. And to keep me company for the rest of the afternoon while I finish off a presentation...

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