Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Globalisation, Evolution & Plastic Surgery

While the rest of them were busy exercising their vocal chords to the sounds of A*Mei, Andy Hui, Leo Ku, and the Bee Gees at the karaoke recently, me and Resh sat in the corner discussing facial features.

I pointed out to Resh that Andy Hui is one bleeding hot son of a gun, when one of his music videos came on.

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Damn hot right? Can melt right?

Everytime I walk past any store that sells eye wear, I will also croon about how hot Jordan Chan looks in one of the standees promoting the eye wear label, Too Inch.

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Oooh, men with attitude - Me like!

Andy! Jordan! Me love you long long time! Marry meeeeeee! Anyoneeeeee!


Therefore, according to Resh's analysis of my preference of men, I dig men who: (No.1) Have high cheekbones or a well defined jaw or face (No.2) Have chinky slanted eyes. And he said that the boyfriend of mine has these facial features.

Wah, sure or not? But how come I look left, right and upside down, I still cannot see how the boyfriend looks like Andy Hui or Jordan Chan!

We soon moved on to facial features of Oriental girls. He said that more and more Chinese girls now have features they so yearn for - double eyelids, long lashes and a narrower nose usually tops the list.

I personally think it's a result of globalisation. Or on grounds closer to home, a result of mixed marriages in our multicultural Malaysia. He thinks otherwise. He says it is evolution - like Darwin's theory. Species evolve as a direct result of change in external environment.

Though I digress. How can that be? That Chinese girls these days have longer lashes to keep out smoke particles during those recurring haze that Malaysia is always plagued with? Probably. But quite unlikely. Therefore I shall stick to my original conclusion that globalisation is the cause of change in the facial features that each race traditionally possess.

Then I was doing my daily browse through the local daily couple of days back, and I came across this article in the R.AGE pullout of The Star. Plastic surgery is big. Plastic surgery is rampant. Plastic surgery is about improving one's self, and thus an ego booster for those who opt for it.

Apparently girls as young as 18 or 19 are going for plastic surgery these days, and with reference being made to Malaysia and Singapore, the most popular procedures are getting double eyelids and a narrower nose.

So that Chinese admin clerk in your office who has double eyelids probably has some part of her lids sewn back by a plastic surgeon. That Chinese girl in your Media Ethics lecture probably has got her nose custom made under the knife. That Chinese woman with them thick, dark and long lashes probably kept trimming it constantly and maybe injected some hair growth hormones or something or the other.

The article made it sound as though nearly everyone is going under the knife to have their features altered! Ah Lian, Ah Beng, Ah Kao, Ah Sam, all went under the knife? Quite scary when you think about it.

So there you go - 3 conclusions as to why facial features of certain races are changing - Globalisation, Evolution and Plastic Surgery. What do you think?

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