Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gaseous Matters

The man lets one rip. Damn loud sial!

Me: Babe, do you just fart conveniently when with me? Do you do that when you're with your friends too?

Him: Yup.

Me: OK *shrugs*

Him: *very excitedly* We even compete when it comes to farting!

Me: Hmmm.. *nose starting to wrinkle at this point in time* What kinda competition?

Him: Well, if I let one rip, one guy will try and return a fart too.

Me: HUH? *mentally picturing a game of tennis - I hit to you, you hit to me*

Him: There was this once, he let one rip first. And I immediately returned it in the next second! Prrrrrrrroooot!

Me: Huh?

Him: Yeah lah! Some more my friend can tell me, "Wah you on standby one is it?" *laughs to himself*

Me: Gosh.

Posted by Doreen at 6:18 pm