Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another change

"You have no prior sales experience," said the burly Brit.

"Duh - don't you think I know that?" I thought to myself , but found myself sprouting something as cliched as "Well, everyone is a salesman in one way or the other. I'm selling myself right now, and I've also been selling all through my career so far, just a different product."

I also remembered saying to him, "With adequate product training, and with my personality and people skills, I'll be able to sell (insert product name here). "

He nodded (in agreement in ought to be), because I received the "You're hired!" call less than a week after.

It's been a week. With training well underway, it's been quite overwhelming so far. Overwhelming in a good way though. Or should I say 'refreshing'?

It's a change. No more sweating it out and 48 hours of production with no sleep. No more having to wolf down my meals while huddled amongst flight cases backstage.

It's now gonna be all about being muka tembok (thick skinned) and having the stomach to handle rejection after rejection, after rejection.


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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

of dreams and waffles

Over waffles and coffee, we sat there, watching people at the mall.

It was the first day of the year.

When you are much wiser, you don't spend 1 January nursing a hangover. You have waffles, with ice cream, bananas, caramel and walnuts.

"So what time do they do the draw?" I asked and proceeded to clear the remnants of walnut stuck between my teeth, using my tongue.

"Actually it's done... we can check the results online when we get home, or read it in the papers tomorrow morning".

"Hmmmm. 16 million..." I said dreamily. "Where can we go if we have that kinda money?"

"Anywhere, girl, we can go ANYWHERE!"

We leaned our backs against the chair and started our own daydreams, right there, at some waffle joint.

"You know what? You could go get one of those globes thingie - give it a spin, close your eyes and just point, and we'll go there! OK?"

I laughed so loud the family at the next table was giving me funny looks.


Happy New Year!

May your 2008 be filled with plent of laughter, love, dreams come true and striking big jackpots.

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