Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BFF: Part 2

The one where we served beers.

I don't remember why or how we decided to take on part-time employment during our KDU days, but we did. And so we landed ourselves as waitresses at the same pub at the Promenande in 1 Utama. At RM5 per hour, it was lucrative. Back then, normal cafes were only paying RM3.50 an hour.

Our bosses - Max and Rubyann - in case you forgot.

But the real hottie was Chris, the pub manager. Sadly, our second day at work was his last day. It was also my 18th birthday and Chris bought me my first flaming lamborghini.

Remember how customers used to ask us if we were sisters?

Remember Mat the bartender with long hair? And Atuk the other Malay chap?

Of course, after Chris left, we had Mary the bitch with her menthol ciggies.

1 Utama was different back then, no such thing as the new wing. But we had tonnes of fun there didn't we?

After a coupla months at the wine bar, you left for Spike, another bar/club just round the corner of the same floor. While I was still wearing the beige t-shirt or the green Heineken t-shirt, you were wearing red, like all Spike staff. But we still ran around and had ciggie breaks with each other.

Remember Skin? Remember Patrick? Remember Spike and wife? Remember Radha? And Naresh? Remember Daryl?

Well, me being the damn alcoholic that I was, loved the pub days! I enjoyed it so much that I thought I was born to waitress and/or bartend.

But you - you and alcohol never did click!

A few sips of bourbon and coke would get you high. And red.

I remember once, we went out for an IRC gathering of some sort at Spoon @ Centrepoint (damn old school!), maybe halfway through a glass of drink, you were so drunk you crawled under the table and cried. Emo sial you!

But of course, you know your limits - a glass (or less! hehe!), but I never knew mine and would more often than not end up sloshed.

I lost count.

You must have too :)


I've come to realize that we don't have THAT many pictures together. Maybe we had more of the ones we took in Australia... but I don't have them now. Oh well.

Here's one which I stole from you - taken easily 5 or 6 years back - but definitely after our return from Australia cos I bought that skirt in Perth. Your shirt is a GAP if not mistaken. I'm still running around KL in that skirt. The ends are all frayed now.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dealing With Fickle Clients 101

The boss signed a new client as an advertiser in the magazine. Huge company this one, they produce a range of FMCGs and are very much a part of your household purchases. Let's refer to them as Client.

On the operations level, we deal with a particular product manager, let's call him Ah Pek.

Did some research and came up with the article for the Client and emailed it to Ah Pek. The content of course, is very much relevant to the product they will be advertising on the accompanying page.

Ah Pek told us that this is not the angle they are employing for their campaign this year, and provided us with a new direction.


Got cracking, and out came the second article. Proudly sent it off to Ah Pek, thinking that it will be a job closed.


Ah, finally a reply.

"Blah blah blah, could you write an article on this topic?"


Actually, not so cool anymore. But hey, new client = don't piss them off no?

Went to work on the third article and was actually quite happy with it upon completion. Emailed the article to Ah Pek, with mention of the time constraints we're operating under and for him to revert by a certain time.

Obviously it didn't happen. But three hours later, Ah Pek sent me an email.

"blah blah blah (insert pseudo-courtesy lines) blah blah blah, we will follow back the first version".


So I locked up the office, went down to the boutique and got me self a happy dress.

Damn. Too dark kan?

Another shot.

Happy sunshine-y dress!

It's amazing how a pretty thing for only RM59.90 can bring so much happiness.

Ah Pek who?

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Monday, August 25, 2008

BFF: Part I

I asked her, "What shall I blog about today?"

After some suggestions which I dismissed, she said, "Blog about me!"

And so I shall.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Stefi.

Ain't she da bomb?

It was 1998, I was 17 and she, 19. (Side note: OMFG, was it that long ago?) We were both first year freshies of the Mass Communications degree programme at KDU College. During one of the orientation sessions (I think!) we found ourselves seated next to each other. She touched me on my arm and asked if I was cold and according to her, I gave her 'the stare'.

I mean seriously - tak kenal, tiba-tiba she meraba my arm. What did she expect? A large coke and fries?

So there, in a blink of an eye, we've reached the 10-year mark of our friendship. It's a whole damn decade, and a lot of shit can happen in this time. Trying to remember it all would be insane. Plus it doesn't help that I subject myself to substances *cough* that mess with my brain cells.

Stefi has been there for me for pretty much everything.

Back then, IRC was the in-thing and I tell you - we were so damn addicted to it. We'd go to cyber-cafes late at night or early in the morning just to get online. When she eventually had a internet connection at home, we took turns sleeping, and the monitor eventually kapoot-ed. We'd meet up with friends we'd make online. And I even shook her up one morning when a particular PaperBoy ajak-ed us to go for bak kut teh at 5am in the morning.

We were fearless.

I used to rent a room in SS2, just right behind the fire station. And she was staying 10 steps away from KDU. Back then, they did not build the partition separating the 2 sides of the LDP, and I would run across the highway to get to her place. Eventually, they built a fence of sort, but we still found our way to crawl under it to get to the other side. Towards our last days at KDU, there was no way we could crawl or jump over it. I had to (finally) use the overhead bridge.

We'd walk along the LDP, from KDU to Dharoos mamak (in Damansara Utama) in the middle of the night just to eat their nasi lemak kambing. We frequented Dharoos so much that one of the fellas there enquired on our disappearance after I visited once upon returning from Australia.

Sometimes we went for classes, sometimes we didn't. When we did, we'd take ciggie breaks under the big tree at the entrance of KDU. Some familiar faces under the tree include Ken, Barry, Kelvin and our lecturer Gary.

Stefi never knew Gary was gay until we were about to leave KDU, and till this day, I wonder where she was. Heh, yes, she can be quite blur and clueless!

After 2 years in KDU, we both left for Perth. That first night at the Student Village (Flat 21) where we shared a twin-room, Ken came over and we drank vodka. You turned beetroot-red, as always, and then started giggling non-stop.

Thank god my mom had the sense to pack for me a bedsheet + comforter set, else we would have both froze on our first night in Perth. OK maybe not, since we had vodka in our tummies.

Dammit woman - I have so much to write about you that it will take a few entries!

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Monday, August 18, 2008


Source: Post Secret

Really ah?
That's sad.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sometimes, you can't always have what you want.

So pretty kan? Both lah. The girl and the dress!


I was gonna apply my make-up in the car, while on the way to work.

Inside the pouch, much to my horror, I saw a bloody tampon nestled amidst the other stuff. Yes I have a few spare tampons in there, but a used bloody one?

Blood looks freshly red too, innit?

Turns out, lipstick cap came off, and tampon got intimate with it.


Stupid Latio! I curse you to a horrible death, squashed under a 10-wheel truck or something!

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Friday, August 08, 2008

dive $

You know it when people know that you've caught the dive bug.

"Wanna freelance for an event I'm managing?"

"Sure - when? Where? And how much are you paying me?"

"Evening of 28 October at the Sime Darby Convention Centre. Payment is 4 boat dives at Tioman."

"Is that price inclusive of full gears?"

"Hmm, can - full gears then!"

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008



New job.

Talk soon.


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