Friday, March 03, 2006

Knick Knacks

Went to the police station to settle an outstanding ticket yesterday afternoon. Was pulled over recently for being on the phone while driving without handsfree. Yes, I am trying to at least keep to one of my new year resolution - SAYA ANTI RASUAH! (I am against bribery!) - hence the ticket.

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Mommy, look! The Polis Diraja Malaysia has given me a new name!

Who ever said that driving and talking on the phone without handsfree costs RM 300? My ticket was for RM 100, but since it is classified as a "Non-Compoundable Offence", I am entitled for an appeal, and therefore only paid RM 70! Wheee!

I came back to file the receipt, and coincidentally, I have with me, an old receipt for another traffic summons from back in 2002. Mom was driving the car in Johor Bahru then, and she paid for in at the Johor Bahru Police Station.

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So ancient!

And then you put the two together...

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Pretty cool huh? Except the old receipt is from 2002, and it looks like something from the eighties or nineties! Yellow paper, blue ink, and most importantly - handwritten!

Anyways, I went to the second hand bookstore the other day to pick up something to read. I was reading it over a hot cup of milk the other night when a piece of paper fell out.

You know the best things about reading second hand or old books? The musty smell is one. The other would be finding treasures kept within the pages of the books. Few months ago, I was reading another second hand book, and a receipt fell out. The ink was has faded, and I could see that it was dated 1992. It was a receipt for a cup of latte, and the address of the cafe was somewhere in Florida! I thought that was super cool! This book has travelled far!

This time round, while reading "China Boy", this fell out...

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Yup! A bus ticket! I was smiling to myself when I saw this bus ticket! This is easily 12 - 15 years old, and it reminds me of primary school days when I'd take the public bus to school on Saturdays for extra-curricular activities. The bus conductor would have this board which has tickets of various prices, and depending on your destination he'll tear out one accordingly.

The notice on the ticket - "Jika hilang, mesti beli lagi" - cracked me up big time that's for sure!

Oh well, gonna keep this bus ticket well. Can never find this anymore!

Went to a convenience store to get a pack of cigarettes during lunch just now. Man at the shop told me he only has the RM 7.20 pack instead of the usual RM 7 pack. "Different packaging," said man behind the counter.

Reluctantly I parted with the extra RM 0.20 but upon unwrapping it, squealed with delight.

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Looks like any normal pack of 20s.

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Now is this cool or what?

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