Monday, April 03, 2006

Everywhere Else But the Toilet Bowl

Oh, and while I was at Wisma Genting the other day, I dropped by the ladies to freshen up before the meeting. Behind one of the cubicle's toilet door was this notice -

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I would assume this is not from the Management, but from an employee who's obviously terribly upset that her colleagues do not know how to use the toilet bowl.

Urine on the floor and all over the toilet seat, yes. From girls who do not sit on the seat to pee, but squat above the toilet bowl. This technique is called hover-peeing, a practice very common here in Malaysia because most of our public toilets are way gross, and thus we hover above the seat instead of actually resting our buttocks on it. If there was a sport called "Hover-Peeing" in either the Olympics or the Commonwealth games, I think Malaysian women will bring in some gold medals for this. But that's another story altogether.

But on the walls? I would assume natural call means either piss or shit. Yuck. Can you imagine shit smeared all over the walls? Ewwk. But why would you want to do that right?

But how on earth did you get piss on the wall? Ladies?

Posted by Doreen at 2:12 pm