Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Girl Night In

It was about 9pm when I got home last night after checking out another of The Oral Stage's rehearsal for the upcoming Rojak!. It's less than 10 days away before they take centre stage and everyone's feeling the jitters now.

Tuesday is a good night for staying in because there's good TV. So I picked up a botle of wine and decided to stay in, guzzle wine and celebrate chick nite on 8tv.

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When you're drinking alone for no special occassion other than getting a buzz, you don't buy expensive wines. A table wine will do just fine for me, and I particularly like Carlo Rossi's California Red. Its oaky sweet, goes down easy and leaves a nice after taste on my tongue. Pardon my review, I'm no wine connoisseur. Plus, it's only retailing at RM23.99, so don't expect fancy reviews.

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A lot of cheaper wines these days come with a rubber cork, instead of the traditional woody ones. I find this more practical, especially when you see how these bottles of wines are being stored at the alcohol aisle of the supermarket. The bottles are all placed standing upright instead of lying horizontally. The wooden cork would have dried and hardened if placed standing like that, and I hate it when I open bottles with dried hardened corks. It's so dry it disintegrates so easily and drops into your bottle of wine if not careful.

At 9:30pm, I settled down to watch Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie do what they do best - be bimbos - on The Simple Life: Interns. I know of people who simply cannot stand these two socialites. But I love them. They provide good entertainment. I mean come on, without people like them, there won't be paparazzis, no tabloids, no Hollywood gossip columns! And everyone loves a good gossip!

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Wine glasses? Who needs them when you've got a giant ass Donald Duck mug? Makes guzzling it more fun!

At 10:00pm, Desperate Housewives (Episode 2, Season 2) came on, and I continued drinking and enjoying the saucy stories on Wisteria Lane. Tucked in bed under the covers, cigarettes and drinks on the bedside table - what more could a girl ask for on a Tuesday night? Pure heaven I tell you.

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That bottle took me exactly 1.5 hours to finish, which brings me to the end of Tuesdays chick TV.

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BEFORE shot - At 9:20pm after coming out of the shower
AFTER shot - At 11:30pm after a bottle of wine and some other substances ;P

I don't think there's a difference (just slightly happier in the second shot).. do you? Heh.

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