Thursday, March 09, 2006

Try before liow lah!

For newspaper advertising, the advertiser has to adhere to what is known as the "Material Deadline". This deadline indicates the date and time of when the negatives should reach their office before they start the machines rolling for printing.

The negative, is a piece of film (for black and white ads) or films (for coloured ads) with the visual already on that piece of film. This film will be used by the publisher to process and print, where no further amendments can be made.

When you see a really wrong advertisement in a popular local daily, you heart goes out to the advertised brand and the company behind it. I mean, how in the world can you have an advertisement go out with millions of copies of the paper circulating nationwide, and have grammatical errors on an ad?

Well, obviously this brand is doing just that.

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Then you think again.

How can the popular local daily allow some thing like that to happen? OK, I'm sure being a popular local daily, they are busy and whatnot, and hence their services rendered will not include helping clients proof read every single damn ad that comes in.


When their paper is littered with ads gone wrong, don't you think the image of the daily drops? That they couldn't care less? That all they want is revenue from their advertisers and don't give two hoots about what is being printed?

I guess they don't, huh?

Posted by Doreen at 9:21 am