Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Old Enemies

The other night, I had dinner with two Liverpoolians and another girl who doesn't give a rat's ass about soccer. Well, not Liverpoolians per se, but supporters of the Liverpool Football Club.

I was chatting with the girlfriend, getting her to ask her boyfriend about the 1999 Manchester United jersey, yes, the year where they won the Treble. Since I don't have any MU jersey (too expensive), I thought buying and keeping just one as a memorabilia would be nice.

The two Liverpoolians sat there nursing their drinks and listening to us while waiting for our food to be served.

Liverpoolian 1: You see these MU fans, always stuck in the past. Your glory days are over lah..

Liverpoolian 2: That's why! Back then, OK lah MU terror. But look who just spent an entire season running around the field like a headless chook and goes home empty handed? Wake up lah. Stop being so arrogant and think that you are still king.

Me: Not all MU fans are like that OK? A couple of bad ones you meet along the way happen to be fucked up, so don't generalize! Remember I was telling you about how I think Liverpool rocked during the match with West Ham? And how I thought Cisse's goal was superb?

Hello? What did I do now? I was talking to the girlfriend about purchasing a 1999 MU jersey from her boyfriend. No mention of Liverpool, no mention of Benitez, no bashing whatsoever!

Seriously guys, what is with all these bashing? I definitely don't qualify to bash other teams and their supporters. Heck, if I am so qualified, I would be out on the field kick Reina's ass! Why must supporters of sporting teams constantly put each other down? Why can't sports fans, soccer fans, unite and share their passion for this beautiful game in an amicable manner? Shit guys, the world is stressful enough as it is, so relax lah!

Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm cool with playful banter. It's all in good spirit of sporting fun. I understand. Really. But have you seen the way football fans criticize and mock each other? One trying to outdo the other by quoting this or that year where they bagged certain titles, or when this team managed to equalize just as final whistle blew, or which stupid fuck missed a crucial penalty, and the list goes on! It's damn ridiculous!

The thing is - seasons come, seasons go. Players come, players go. Managers come, managers go. Just because Chelsea won the Premiership last year and this year, it don't mean Mourinho is gonna get it again next year? I'm not saying he's not getting it, but hey, you know what a football match is like. There are twists here and there, and always be prepared to expect the unexpected.

OK, back to the dinner table. So as I was saying, I was talking to the girlfriend about a jersey, not, I repeat -NOT condemning Benitez or his boys.

Liverpoolian 1: You lah, all MU fans damn arrogant.

Me: Will you both quit it already!!!!!

Liverpoolian 2: Cannot! Us Liverpool and MU go way back as arch rivals!

Me: So let's stop! We should be standing together and bash Chelsea instead!

Liverpoolian 1 & 2: *stoned*

Think about it. Makes sense no?

So I say to all MU and Liverpool fans - let's not bicker anymore? We're like an old bitter couple who can't stop bitchin' at each other, even while we are cleaning our dentures by the kitchen sink! Damn. Let's forget our hatred and enmity for the next season and let's BRING THE BLUES DOWN!!!

Posted by Doreen at 4:09 pm