Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Premiere: X-Men III

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Thanks to the Blue Telco, we received a couple of invites to check out the premiere of X-Men III: The Last Stand last night.

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The Blue Telco booked a total of 12 halls for this exclusive screening, for their customers and business partners.

There were a couple of hot promoter girls giving out flyers for downloads of X-Men III mobile contents, and there were 3 men dressed up as Cyclops, Wolverine and an unidentified character who hung around trying to look cool, and to be photographed with people.

There was a pretty cool service which was offered last night as well. Customers can use their mobile phones to snap pictures with these men in costumes, and it will be immediately printed out free of charge on a little credit card sized polaroid thingie.

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That's June and me with the 3 men in costume. See the guy in the middle? What character is he supposed to be? He has white hair, that makes him Storm (OK, so Storm is female). The way he opens his palm, he could also be Iceman or Piro.

I tripped on Cyclops' shoes while getting into position for the picture. Fortunately, the superhero was there to save me from falling and embarassing myself in front of everyone.

The movie? It was great! I love X-Men, eventhough I didn't grow up reading the comics. But I think this is the saddest X-Men movie of them all!

OK, so the movie revolves around a war between homo sapiens and the mutants because the US government has developed this "cure" which will un-mutant a mutant.

Some mutants, those who hate their "gift" and desperately want to be normal, can opt to be cured by the US government. However, there's also groups of mutants who think that this "cure" is an insult to all mutants. Charles Xavier preaches about tolerance and co-existence and his X-Men team stand up for that too. However, the mutants of the Brotherhood, led by the evil Magneto preaches a doctrine of mutant supremacy, and this leads to a war between Magneto's men and the US government.

X-Men III also sees the introduction of new characters such as the Beast, Angel and Colossus. The scene whereMagneto breaks the San Francisco bridge and redirects it to Alcatraz is an awesome scene, a testament to how fabulous CGI advancement is.

OK, I shan't reveal more and spoil it for you. Go see it!

All in all, it was a good night out. My only gripe is that handphones with cameras and all other recording devices are STRICTLY prohibited in the hall. No kidding! We had to deposit it with GSC or keep them in our car. Yup, they even metal-detector-ed every single person to ensure that you don't hide recording devices in your crotch or cleavage.

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