Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Oral Stage again!

Fancy theatre? Fancy meeting other young people with similar interests? Fancy working with the crazy, creative and fun bunch at The Oral Stage?

Fresh from TOS' second and latest production, Rojak!, the team is now gearing up for another production and yup, there are vacancies to be filled!

The Oral Stage is once again looking for actors, writers, sound and lights crew, stage / crew managers, backstage crew, uhm... basically the whole lot.

It don't matter if you have no theatre experience, as long as you are willing to learn and enjoy the ride! The high that you get after each successful production? Gosh! Better than any drugs. Trust me on this one aight?

Worked with them on 2 productions, and I had a blast! Quite an experience I must say.

So if you are keen and have an open mind with a sense of wanting to learn and experience theatre... The Oral Stage wants you! Visit The Oral Stage to find out more about this upcoming production, and to email the Director if you have any queries.

Oh, and yes, I've heard whispers from many of the fairer sex who think that the Producer is, I quote - "fucking hot". So hurry lah!

PS: Sorry Reuben, gotta use you as bait again.

Posted by Doreen at 12:21 pm