Thursday, June 08, 2006

Open Mic Gig

Caught up with Reuben, Louisa and E yesterday evening to work on the short film. It was a blast! It took us approximately 5 hours to wrap up and we ended up with about 20 odd minutes of excellent footages. Am confident Reuben and Louisa will do a fab job with post-production.

Except, I don't think I'm supposed to reveal anything here just yet.

Screening will be held during an Open Mic Gig session with details as follows:

When? 24 & 25 June @ 8:30pm
Where? Food Foundry (next to Dram Studio) @ Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya

Best part? No cover charge!

So to all you art lovers, head down there to catch some original compositions (poetry, songs, monologues) and short films. Don't worry, we'll finish before the first football game of the night commences.

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That's Reuben and E mucking around before we started filming.

At one point, E was snooping around Reuben's room and started checking out the display of trophies on his shelf.

"Who's yohan?" asked E trying to decipher the word "Johan" which was engraved on one of the trophies.

We all burst out laughing. Now THAT has got to be the question of the day.

Oooh, another quote of the day, by E again...

"Where did you learn all your mean-ness?"

"From the mass meania"

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