Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Siti is old news

Yes, the extensive media coverage of Siti.. I mean Datin Siti's wedding has got the nation buzzing with excitement. If you don't already know, dude, hibernating ah you?

Well, the culmination of months of nationwide hype ended last night with the dinner reception which was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Of course, after so much anticipation, the event was broadcasted live over TV3. A solid 2.5 hours telecast.

In the early days, everyone wanted to know who was this mysterious Datuk K, and when it was revealed, people wanted to know when they will tie the knot. Of course, after the date was revealed, people then wanted to know more about her shoes, make-up, jewellery and dresses.

Now that the wedding is over (in KL that is), I wonder if there'll be news of their honeymoon destination, when they will start planning for family, etc.

Heck, I don't even listen to her songs, yet I check out stories on who's designing the dress, the shoes, and accessories for her big day. Even the Chinese auntie who cleans our office asked me if I've heard the news the morning after Siti and her beau announced the big date. I guess everyone is just revelling in the hype, Datin Siti is Malaysia's pop princess afterall.

Admit it. You did tune it to watch the wedding on TV3 last night! Right? Right? Even if it's just the occasional change of channel in between ESPN commercial breaks? Right right?



OK, I did (maluuuuuuu....)

And I loooooooooooooooove her white and pink dress, the one she wore during the cake-cutting ceremony. And I love how the hall was so lavishly and elegantly decorated. I kept ooohing and aaaahing while watching, and if I'm not mistaken, I think I kinda got the boyfriend a wee bit scared.


OK, now that the wedding is out of the way, what's the next hype which the media wants us to jump right into?

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Switched on with INXS!


It was a power-packed show! Electrifying is the word.

We headed to Chinatown for dinner before the show started, and decided that walking uphill with a beer in hand is just the right thing to do to unwind on a Friday evening before going for a rock concert.

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We had tickets for the Rock Zone, which is the best area to be at for a rock concert. I mean, how are you supposed to jump around and bob your head if you are seated?

Singletrackmind was the Opening Act, and I've only ever seen that Panglobal dude perform once at an indie gig. So Singletrackmind is definitely not a mainstream act, which resulted in poor enthusiasm from the crowd during their set. That sucks. It even came to a point where Singletrackmind was still on stage, and the crowd starting chanting "IN-XS! IN-XS! IN-XS!"

Kinda embarrasing for Singletrackmind right? What to do.

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JD is hot. Lean and tall. But well built.

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After all these years, even the old fuddy duddy dudes at INXS still rocked!

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I liked the fact that a rock outfit has a saxophonist.

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A wild and ecstatic crowd!

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People starting to leave at the end of the show.

I looooooooved it! Not a big INXS fan, but was super impressed by their energetic performance. JD is a true entertainer and performer. He was jumping around and rocking it out for close to 2 solid hours! Of course, sweaty JD was damn yummy to look at. Could gobble him up right there and then *slurp*

The crowd that night? Fun! It was a good mix of old and young. The older crowd must have been fans of INXS from the days of Michael being the frontman. The young teeny bopper crowd on the other hand, was created along with the Rock Star show where JD came into existence with INXS.

All in all? They rocked!

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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Sister: How do you make lipstick stay on your lips? I always seem to eat up mine.

Me: Glue your lips together so your tongue won't come out to lick it off. Alternatively, invest in a shit flavoured lippie so you won't be tempted to eat it up.

The rain scared the bleeding shyte out of me yesterday afternoon.

I was on the flyover above the Pahang roundabout in town, and well, it's a curvy-bendy flyover. I overtook the lorry which was in front of me and drove on the outer lane, but slowed down because of the downpour.

Approaching a small corner, the lorry on the left side sped past me on the left lane, splashing a whole wave of water onto my windscreen. For like a whole second, I couldn't see shit, and I grabbed onto my steering wheel tightly. I didn't know if I should just hold it straight, or turn it slightly to the right cos the road was bending that way.

My heart pumped some 20 beats in that 1 second. I almost soiled my panties. With shit that is.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Life and Death

It is not everyday that I think about the fragility of life.

Sad isn't it? That I am only reminded about the fact that life is dear when someone close to me passes on. Sure, day in day out, there are people dying all over the world. Reading about the ongoing war, watching the news about terrorists blowing things up, about people being murdered, it bothers me that in this day and age, people still cannot live amicably with their differences.

Yes, it saddens me that these people are dying. Period. Seriously, what do you want me to do? I don't know them. There is nothing I can do now can I? Sure, I can go out onto the streets with placards and painted faces protesting about this and that, but where will that bring me? Right onto your TV screen as a news snippet perhaps?

I can also only guess how painful it is for the families and loved ones of those deceased in wars or terrorist attacks or even a victim of snatch theft! Like people from the perpetually-war-torn Palestine for instance. Speaking to a colleague the other day, he narrated to me stories of daily violence all through his growing years in Palestine.

"Evacuate? Evacuate to where? Which country is going to open their doors for us? What about our home? Our land?" he said.

"My grandfather's land has been taken away by the Israelis, and till today, 50 years later, I cannot even claim it despite having all legal documents indicating ownership of the land".

He spoke of war-caused deaths so-very nonchalantly it scares me. I guess when you witness bombs going off at your doorstep, debris and ruins of buildings that build your city, a family of 9 being blown up to pieces down the road from your house, the novelty of it wears off huh? What do you do? You live with it. Your children live with it. And so will your children's children (and God forbid, their children!) if no truce can be called.

I stared at him, eyes wide open in amazement and the only sounds I managed were throaty whimpers of how full of shit this is.

"We have lived all these years, and will continue to live.. Relax, don't worry about it so much," he chuckled, extinguished his cigarette and walked off. "

Ernie's death last week came as a painful shock to me. Life is like, one day you have it, the next day you don't. I still am not able fully able to comprehend the fact that as humans, we are given the freedom to do what we want with our lives, but yet, life isn't really ours to claim?

Come on. How many times have you heard people say, "Life is what you make of it!"

Naw, don't give me that motivational junk.

So what if I've made life good for myself? I could be young, 25 years of age, educated and climbing the corporate ladder and have got so much in store for me in the years ahead, but who knows when I am walking to the shop to get a loaf of bread, some sohai snatches my bag, I fall and hit my head on the concrete road and die? Or you could be 45, happily married with children, living in your swanky condo and driving your flashy car, and who knows, one night while driving home, you swerve to avoid hitting a nincompoop motorcyclist who just came out of no where, crash into the the divider causing your car to turn turtle and then you to die?

It just isn't fair is it? Why do people tell us to excel and do well in life, but can't guarantee that you'll live to reap the fruits you have sown?

No, Ernie did not win a Nobel Laureate. Nor did he win the UN Peacekeeping Award (if there is such an award). He was just normal, like you and I. He had nasty habits, but so do you and I. He had problems, but so do you and I. He had dreams, just like you and I. It is so much like you and I that makes his departure so much harder to stomach.

Always Remembered...

Ernie Chin (陈思荣)
9 June 1980 - 10 August 2006

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Chicken, RIP

On Monday afternoon he texted me asking if I'd be interested to join XYZ company where his friend is the Account Director. I told him it's a bit far off for me to travel there for work.

We sent a few more SMSes back and forth, and he even jokingly said that he'll apply for that job in XYZ because a lot of hot gals work there. I jokingly called him a desperate asshole.

Later in the night, during theatre practice, he sent another SMS: "Minum?"

My reply was short - "Can't. Rehearsal."

Today, I received news that he was involved in a car accident that took his life.

Chicken, if you can read this, I'm so sorry. I am sorry for not obliging to your invitation. I am sorry if my last 2 words to you sounded harsh and rude.

The last time we had drinks, you warned me to not get married first as you were still looking for a girlfriend. You told me about your new job and how you were faring in it. You were heading for Thailand on business the next day, and I mockingly asked you if business meant visiting brothels. You scowled at me and told me you were desperate, but not THAT desperate.

You're only 26. Why does it have to be you? : (

Chicken, you will always be remembered. Rest in peace bro.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Borneo Ink

I went to Borneo Ink over the weekend.

Heh heh heh.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm stuck

It's nothing new. To be stuck in between that is.

We argued. The boyfriend lamented that his job sucks, and the thought of calling it quits has been lingering in his head for a while now. The thought of joining his father in the plantation business has become more appealing of late. But that would require him to leave the city we both love, to live and work in an oil palm estate about 3 hours drive from here.

How is the relationship going to work I don't bleeding know.

I'm not one for long-distance-relationships. I need a strong shoulder to cry on in times of sadness. I need his fingers to run through my hair and tell me it's OK when I'm down. I need us to be able to laugh together and see each other's happiness face-to-face. I need physical intimacy. I want to feel his lips when we kiss, not the text on my phone or monitor which reads *muaks*. I need him to be around. Period.

I can't do communication via internet and telephone only to keep the relationship going. I can't afford to spend the weekend shuttling down the North-South Expressway just to spend time with him. I can't guarantee I'll stick around. Period.

Mom asked me, "Are you guys serious?"

"Yes.. well...," I trailed off.

"Maybe it's not a bad idea. If he wants to go back and be involved in the family business," she said.

"But what about meeeeeeee?" I wailed.

"Yes, it might be tough on you for now, but maybe it's for the better?"

"Better? Better how? If we end up together for good, what can I do in an oil palm estate?"

"You're a smart and capable girl. Choose wisely," said Mom before hanging up.

Then I thought. And thought. And thought. But it's fucking ridiculous. Why do I have to choose between keeping my man here with me and letting him go off to pursue what's best for him?

What do you think? *big sigh*

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Don't you fucking hate people who in addition to not giving much of an impression on first look, speak real softly like their voice box is clogged? I can't even describe how that voice is supposed to sound, all I know is that it fucking gets on my nerves!

I just realised how irritated I was while speaking on the phone with this person. I was straining my ears to grasp his every word. And he was mumbling away in that clogged-voice box tone. Annoying!

I'm thinking... if you are already a meek looking person by physique, then for God's sake, portray your assertiveness and confidence via your voice, tone and the way you speak!

Gosh. Like that also must teach ah?

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