Wednesday, July 25, 2007

not even a game

"Went to Damas just now, to meet KS, one of our production guy... ding dong lah that KS, changing the venue from Mid Valley to Hartamas," I said while snuggling up to him on the couch.

"Uh huh..." said he.

"And you know what - I met an old friend! I haven't seen him in yonks! Took me a while to fetch his name from the back of my head. Turns out, he is also working with KS on a separate project," I said.

He nodded.

"You know, back then during those IRC days? Yeah, that dude was someone I got to know via IRC. I still remember our first meet-up, I woke Stefi up so that all 3 of us could head to Klang for bak kut teh at 5am ... man, that was yeaaaars ago!"

"Oh," said he.

"Why do the South China dudes look like Malays or Polynesians?" I asked him.

He shrugged.

I went into the kitchen to get a drink, then headed into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I returned to the sofa, and no surprises- he's still there.

"Sleep!" I said to him.


After a few minutes, he turned off the TV and came into the room where I was emptying out a Watson plastic bag.

"What did you get?" he asked.

"Conditioner - bought it while I was at Damas just now."

"I thought your meeting was held at Mid Valley?"

He wasn't even watching a game. Just ESPN highlights.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Ashraf & Vani @ SS15

It was past midnight when I strolled in. The smell of coffee greeted me as I noticed how the scene never changes - groups of people merrily chatting away, a couple at the couch playing footsie under the table and those that stare hard into the monitors of their notebooks, faces pale from the glare of the screen.

The young Malay chap smiled at me when I approached the counter to place my order. I always know what I want, but never fail to glance at the menu board - just for kicks.

"Extra hot, venti latte to go?" he said with a cheeky wink.

I smiled and nodded enthusiastically, handing him a RM10 note, while fishing for more money in my over-stuffed pouch.

"One extra hot venti latte to gooooo!" he said in their usual sing-song manner to the other barrista. "That'd be 12 ringgit and 8 cents," he turned to me again.

"What's sad is that you can remember my order, but I can never remember the exact amount I need to pay you," while handing him an extra few ringgit.

The girl making my coffee, she had the brightest smile. "You live around here?"

"Erm, nope, Puchong actually," I told her.

"You mean you travel from Puchong to SS15 just to get coffee? Isn't there an outlet at IOI mall?"

I told her that of all the Starbucks outlets I've tried, the one in SS15 serves the best brew. I know - I sound like a coffee connoisseur don't I? But I know nuts about coffee, I just like the taste of the SS15 brew on my tongue.

All three of us ended up chatting for a little, and Vani and Ashraf were ultra friendly folks. They made that Starbucks trip even more pleasant.

Don't you just love it when service staff treat you well and make you feel great?

Well, one more reason for me to visit SS15 Starbucks instead of any other outlets.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

One Life Each

I think a 3 month employment probation operates in this manner -

1st phase: Settling in, getting to know the working styles of the team, the boss' likes and dislikes, and the culture of the company, and getting to know the big clients.

2nd phase: You'd better be working your arse off and start delivering results.

3rd phase: Either you start boasting about results which you have delivered, or you give a final push and pray to dear Lord that you achieve something quick. And when I mean boasting, I mean for it to be done tastefully, i.e. ensuring that the boss knows that you have accomplished something.

My time for Phase 1 is up. It's been quite a ride thus far, but I'm still alive aren't I?

So some kid killed another kid. He was 12 when he killed an 11 year-old-girl, stabbing her with a sharp object for 20 times.

I do believe people change.

But. Karpal dude, you think the Court is taking this too far by wanting to sentence him to natural life?

So if you don't lock him up for good, what if his next victim has to endure 40 stabs?

Told ya he'd change.

Seriously, 20 stabs is not child's play. One stab with blood oozing out should be enough to send a child into a trauma. Fine, two stabs if you wish, due to today's modern world of gore and violence in movies. This kid needs some desperate re-wiring in his box.

But until then, I'm all for him to be jailed for natural life.

Sorry mate, next life maybe.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Smell It

Stress is...

... When the person who's supposed to report to you bypasses you and speaks to the boss directly to get out of something which you have assigned her to.

... When you go round Midvalley in a damn crawl to get to the zone you want to park at, at the same time passing entrances to other zones, reaching the zone you want to find it closed due to traffic diversion, and finally having to make another round in that @!#$@?# damn crawl.

... When you are stuck in the disgusting Friday afternoon KL traffic and you see this..

Actually still can jalan quite a distance right? I was probably scaring myself.

Ah, don't you just love the smell of weekends?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rant & Dream

The national team's opening group match against China was damn embarassing. They got walloped - in all aspects - on home ground.

Don't you hate it when idiotic drivers behave as though they are driving out on Sunday morning to have dim sum when in actual fact, it's a god damn Wednesday and people are rushing to work?

Bruce Willis is ageing. Die Hard 4.0 was wrinkley. But he's one wrinkley man which I'd still boink.

Oh Bruceeeey!

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Thursday, July 05, 2007


So I couldn't reach this Ah Beng client via the phone. I heard he's in Singapore. Loser probably switched off his phone because he didn't want to have to pay roaming charges should anyone call him.

I wanted to tell him that I've sent him the revised layout, and would like him to check on it. Plus, I've yet to receive feedback from the moodboard which was sent last week. With this Ah Beng, I've gotta be more diligent. He screwed us upside down last week for submitting a layout that was not to his liking.

So I left him a text message. A couple of hours later, as I was driving home, I received his reply.


I read, and re-read the message and panic grew in me. What do you mean moved? You mean you moved this account to another agency? Shyte. Delivering this piece of news to my boss would not look good on me!

While trying to keep my focus on the road, I kept looking at that message - yes, the one word, and wondered what he meant. Should I call him? And endure his verbal abuse? Argh.

Then it hit me. T9.

Ah Beng client meant to type "noted".

Tee hee hee. Technology. Just like how I remember typing this to a friend - "On the way lah. In the cup now!"

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Monday, July 02, 2007

FOC Roti

With sleep still in my eye but hidden behind a pair of oversized shades, I drove out on Sunday morning to buy breakfast.

We still have some superb curry left over from last night's dinner so I drove to the mamak and ordered 3 slices of roti kosong to take away.

The roti-frying station was situated towards the outer part of the mamak shop, and so I placed my order with the man manning that station. He repeated my order to his colleague who then packed 3 slices of roti in a brown take-away paper.

"Kuah apa?" he then proceeded to ask me.

I told him I didn't need any kuah.

He handed the plastic bag to me and I promptly walked back to my car and drove off.

Upon reaching home, I found the RM 5 note I had tucked into my pocket earlier on, meant for purchasing the roti.

What you waiting for?

Get your free roti at Kueenz Mamak in Puchong Jaya!

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