Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday Blues is on Sick Leave

The weekend was relaxing, thrilling, rejuvenating, exciting - all in all - fabulous! Did the things I wanted to do, chilled the way I wanted to chill as though in paradise, and ermm.. even did my laundry? *wink*

Checked into the hotel on Friday night. Chilled to the max. Checked out on Saturday afternoon. Had a decent rest at home. At night went drinking. Sunday checked into the hotel again. Chilled like I've never chilled before! HAHA. And umm.. checked out on Monday morning.

To the people who made my weekend a blast - here's to you - *cheers*. Don't need to name them, cos well, I know they won't be coming by in here.

The rain has been horrendous in KL lately. Come every evening, a storm cooks up over the skies of the Valley and just pours it all out on the earthlings. It's bad. We have flooded roads, low visibility which increases traffic accidents, strong winds.. Well, it's OK if you are inside a high-rise building and you've got a view of the entire city as you watch the rain slash down. But imagine if I was on the road driving? The traffic congestion, the strain to my eyes.. Brr. Shudder at the thought. To top it all off, it's not even the rainy season yet! Ack! Is that a sign of global warming? Hik hik hik.

I hate driving in heavy downpour.. cos those damn vipers distract me. HHAHA. And in the heavy rain, I gotta make them vipers move faster to clear the water of my windscreen.. and the faster it goes, the more distracted I get. Windscreen vipers are not such a good invention afterall.

Scoot off from the office Friday afternoon right after lunch.. and didn't come back into the office today.. Monday.. till past 11am. HAHAHA. Yes, yes, thank you for the Slacker Award. I wanna thank god, my friends and family.. for without you, this Award would not have been possible. HAHAHAH.

So Miss Universe is tomorrow isn't it? Hmm.. Read about that stupid comment made by that chick from one of the countries in South America was it? Where the natives are red indians or something? Well apparently, she went up on stage and said, "I'm blonde, tall and white".. cos most people presume that those from her country are of Indian descent, short and have dark hair. I think she got disqualified or something. Racist comment. Hell yeah! Classic example of a dumb, white blonde eh? HAHAHA...

Anyways. Better go find something useful to do. Start of the week.. Gotta try pump up my motivation!

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Like this.. Uh huh.. Like that... Uh huh...

Oh me so happy! Hik hik hik. Do you know what that means? TGIf! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Plus, Anderson is on leave today, Monday and Tuesday.. So that means he'll only be back next week on Wednesday! How cool is that. Hik hik hik.

Karaoke last night was alright.. all 9 of us. Had buffet dinner, had a few beers while singing the night away, and also had a birthday cake for both the birthday boys. Left at midnight, and by the time I came outta the shower it was already 1. Ended up falling asleep with the lights on with the Betty & Veronica Digest over my face. Hah. Am I cute or what? HAHAHAHAH...

We had a meeting about the magazine that I'm proposing to the University yesterday evening. I think I'm in the shits again. They want something more traditional. More conservative. This sucks. I wanted it to be called Expose. They want it to be UCSI: Take On The World. I want it to be happening, they want it to be boring and corporate. I want it to have Happenings of around the City, and they want it to contain only Happenings of the University. ARGH. How tacky is that. They want the target readers to be young people aged 17-21, who wants to read about what awards the University has won? ARGH. Bloody fools.

Well, the mock of the entire mag is already done.. Looks like all the efforts have gone down the drain.. Sigh. Nevermind. It's Friday. And people are supposed to be happy on Fridays. Not fret about working woes.

Anyways, here's to a good weekend for everyone! *CHEERS*

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ever heard of Co-Existance?

Helped out a friend at this seminar he was organising last night.. And well, I sat in and listened to what this allegedly renowned 'Wealth Master' had to say. Richard said it was good.. That I ought to sit in and listen and perhaps, I might even learn a thing or two.

Forgive me Richard, but it's bollocks. OK, so maybe there is some amount of truth in there, but I seem to disagree with many of the things Marco said. I hate motivational seminars. Throughout the seminar, I couldn't stop yawning. That's one thing. Then I thought to myself, "Hey, I'll give this guy a chance. Don't be so prejudiced and open your mind a li'l bit..."

So I tried. I tried to shake the negative thoughts outta my head and tried to listen to Marco with an open heart and mind. But it didn't work. The more I shook those biased thoughts outta my head, the more annoyed I got at myself for subjecting myself to such torture after a hard day's at work.

Who's he to tell people that we should not be a slave of the wage system? If everyone were to leave the wage system, then where and who are the millionaires gonna make money from? If everyone were to be bosses, who are gonna be the employees? It's a world where everyone co-exist isn't it? So without one, chances are, the others will be extinct too! Anyways. I suppose everyone has rights to their own school of thoughts.

Plus, urgh, I had to partner with this hideous looking dude for activities. He's buck toothed, has brown discolouration on his left cheek and wears round specs! Ewk. And imitating one another perfoming monkey actions.. What the fuck in the world is that? You want me to jump up and down, scratch myself like a monkey and make barbaric "Oooh Oooh Aaah Aaah" sounds in a room filled with 50 other people I don't know? Insane! I've got a reputation to uphold you know. HAHAHAHAH.

Nevermind. Let's hope that karaoke session with the rest of the guys tonight will be fun!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mid-Week Trauma

Why, oh why is the week moving at such an undesirably slow speed? Usually the five days just zoom past me really quickly.. But this week is different. Monday felt like ages ago! But today.. today is only Wednesday!

Since Monday, I haven't had the motivation to work. At all. It's a sorry state mind you. When you have got heaps of work waiting to be completed.. and all I am doing is sitting around moaning and waiting for Friday to arrive!

The best part? This fucking company still have not gotten my wireless card for me.. Which means, I can't check my mails from my own work station. Which means, I've gotta take a 10 minute walk to the next block to the computer lab to check my mails there! ARGH. Everytime I realize I need to send a mail, I've gotta walk to the friggin' computer lab. How shit is that?

And not just emails, every now and then when I'm bored and tired from work, I like to surf around, play some games online, etc. Sigh. What a drag now that I can't do any of these.

OK.. I realize that I complain a lot don't I? I can't help it.. Really : )

Maybe I'll just go get a life or something... Or.. I can go back to the report I was doing, which I was supposed to send to Jolene.. Hmm. 2 days ago? HAHAHA...

Toodles now.

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Monday, May 24, 2004

Do You Know How To Spell S-C-R-E-W-E-D?

I'm in the shits. I started out the day with a mission - A mission to get a few things done. But for Chrissake, it's now 4:30pm and I've done a bit of this, done a bit of that, done a bit of everything. What I have now is a few incomplete this and that. ARGH. How disorganised can one get? This is insane!

I owe Jolene a bloody report too.. And it's now 1.5 hours away from 6pm.. How in the world am I supposed to churn out a report? A full, detailed, complete report she says. Pfft.

I've got claims to file, suppliers to pay, invoices to bill, quotation to get out, press releases to be written, filing to be done, magazine to be designed, editorial work to be done...

And the best part is... WHO GIVES A FUCK HOW MUCH I NEED TO DO? All they can say is, "Do this, do that, do every god damn thing!" I wish to scream at all of them and say, "Open your fucking eyes you moron. Can't you see that I'm just ONE? That I'm slogging my ass off going solo?

Piss off.

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Blue what?

OK, so I just wolfed down my breakfast and gulped my Iced Milo down.. Well, just so that I can quickly blog and then get started to work! Then again, that's no excuse for a young lady to eat in such a manner! HAHAHAH.

So there we are. Its was just 2 weekends ago that I got drunk at Thai Club and fell as we were walking to the car. As usual, I was adamant that I wasn't drunk and didn't need no help from friends who were trying to hold me.

And voila! Another weekend just passed. At Thai Club again, with the same group of people, and ordered the same bottle of that faithful old Jack Daniel's. Nope, no drunken tales and woes for this weekend. Thank god for that! Cos just as we came out of the Club, I saw a bunch of students from the College. Yep, the horny and rowdy bunch of them international students..

I don't get it you know? At College, they wouldn't dare. But on a night out, just cos they saw me in party gear on a Saturday night, it's OK to come and act all friendly and act as though we know each other very well? To kiss my cheeks and even try to kiss my neck? Hello!? Tsk tsk... Big mistake boys!

The last week was hectic. As usual. Like it has been every single god damned day for the past 20 months that I've been in this company. Ah, what's new. But anyways, the event that we managed at the Sheraton was great! Everything went really well, and client and staff were all happy as the conference ended on Thursday evening. All tired out.

Actually this event was pretty fun. Work was tiring, but cos the Conference ends at 5pm on both days, the crew pretty much had the rest of evening off.. And since we had to be up by 6am the next morning, we sure made full use of our time drinking beer in the hotel room till 3am in the morning! HAHA.

I realize that taking your anger out on someone else isn't nice afterall. I mean, I am at fault for doing that at times. Like when I'm having a really bad day at work, and the next person who happens to come up to me and ask me for something, well I'm sorry, but I for sure will snap at that poor bugger.

Over the weekend, met up with a dear friend who took his moodiness out on me. According to him, he got out of the wrong side of bed. Expect me to think that that's a valid reason for screwing me? Pfft.

Then again, I guess I must learn from his mistakes. Tsk tsk. I guess I must learn to control myself in future. No point snapping at the other innocent party right?

Anyways, work beckons.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Popping the Cherry...

As they always say.. There's a first for everything. First for getting drunk, first time trying cigarettes, first time getting stoned, first time getting laid, first time um... lots! So why shouldn't there be a first time of blogging in a new blog.

Isn't this just wicked? I have my own blog-creator. And I don't mean no template or any technical stuff. I have a human blog-creator. With heaps of free time on her hand, she helps people create blogs. And check out the added value! She helps us maintain and trouble-shoot too if anything should go wrong. HAHAHAH. Cheers Daphne! : )

Dammit. Been coughing like mad since I woke up this morning. You know those yellow, thick, gooey phlegm? HAHAHA. Not like you needed to know. But yeah, I've been coughing as though I'm gonna vomit out my lungs anytime! Damn.

Today's gonna be a busy, busy day at work. Then again, when am I not? The Logistics Conference event is tomorrow and Thursday... So I'm bringing them kiddos over to the hotel today itself to see what we can help out with.

Alright. I think I'm gonna make my way to the new office now. Toodles.

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