Wednesday, November 30, 2005

So Sweet!

Growing up, I wasn't much a fan of sweets such as ice cream, chocolates, cookies, etc. Compared to my other siblings, I remembered mom saying once that I was more of a "savoury" person, enjoying things such as currypuff, keropok udang, smelly-salted fish, and other deep-friend snacks and kuih.

But I think I've developed my sweet tooth over the years and it's becoming almost a sin. These days, I absolutely love cookies, brownies, cheesecake, durian cake, chocolates, ice cream, tarts, and many, many, many more of the world's joyous and delightful desserts. Uhmm.. I mean sinful desserts.

I salivate thinking about the jar of pineapple cookies which I bought over the weekend, and is now sitting on a shelf in my room (for easy snack access while watching tv at night).

I swallow some saliva in my mouth as I think of the mouthwatering blueberry cheese tart which babe brought for me from his hometown some weeks ago.

In fact, the jar of cookies I made when I went home last, which was meant to be for babe, uh.. I think I ate most of it. Shucks.

The girlfriend and me went to visit a Haagen Dazs outlet recently to indulge in their fondue. Of course, we have been planning for this visit excitedly as she related to me the novelty of dipping pieces of fruits and ice cream into warm melted chocolate.

There were 3 different platters accompanying the fondue - a fruit platter comprising of sliced apples, peaches, strawberries and bananas, a cookie platter which had cubes of brownies, chocolate chip cookies and several pieces of thin, crispy wafers, and lastly an ice-cream platter which had 20 miniature balls of ice cream of a variety of flavours. Oh, and also a small bowl of crushed nuts.

Image hosted by
You can't see the ice cream balls because we ate it up before I remembered I had to take a picture.

Priced at RM39.90++, the fondue is only served at the One Utama and Great Eastern Mall outlets - which I didn't quite approve of. Thank goodness I had the sense to locate the contact number of their Sunway Pyramid outlet number, and placed a call to see if they serve the fondue there.

The melted chocolate was quite funny because it started to cake up and harden even before we were halfway through the platters of accompanying "items". It was also, in my opinion, tak cukup smooth! So we had to blow off the tealight candle which was heating it up. The apple slices were yellow in certain parts by the time it came to us - bad! And I prefer my strawberries to be plump and juicy. But this was sour. Then again, Malaysian strawberries ARE usually sour huh? The cubes of brownies were heavenly though! Moist and not-too-sweet. I also liked the fact that they served a bowl of crushed peanuts for us to roll our ice cream balls in after dipping it into the fondue.

Image hosted by

The idea of using "miniature" spears as utensils instead of the conventional forks is nice to look at, but quite frightening - imagine that going down your throat. Or worse! Going through the back of your head! OMFG.

Overall verdict? Just OK. I'd say 2.5 stars out of a 5 (Maybe because of past experience of fondue at Max Brenner).

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Another Blogger Exposed?

Blogsphere is getting complicated.

Ever since blogging became a global fad, we've been hearing of "famous" bloggers who have gotten their fair share of attention - from the blogging community, masses, and the media.

We had XiaXue and her handicapped toilet issue, Sarong Party Girl who exposed her titties in cyberspace, Dawn Yang who had allegedly gone for plastic surgery and news of her being talent scouted. Oh, also the 2 Chinese bloggers who were jailed for posting what is deemed to be racist remarks on their blogs.

Then there are those who use blogging as a way to "fight for justice" or to "be heard" with the likes of Zouk Abuse and Corrupted Malaysia.

Oh come on. Enough already!

But notice how XiaXue, SPG and Dawn are all Singaporean bloggers? I wonder why. Maybe we should spend time analysing this instead.

But hey! Good news! Malaysian bloggers are finally getting their recognition and publicity via the media!

I was seating at McD's this morning before the meeting having breakfast when I came across an article in The Star - "Action Sought Over Drug Blog". A 24-year old systems engineer who hails from Kuching has chronicled his experiences as a drug abuser in the past, detailing the substances, the high, etc. Police are now investigating, and well, a reader is urging the police to shut the blog and to take action against the blogger.

Some months ago, I was doing a research on Erimin 5, and I typed the drug name in Google. One of the links that came up was
Sixth Seal. Of course I got all the information I needed on Erimin from this blog. I remembered also browsing through the other entries after I got what I needed and remembered reading that the blogger is from Kuching.

When I read the article this morning, I knew it was the same blog. True enough.

I really don't know what to make of this. I mean, OK, so drug abuse is bad. But we don't need a blogger to tell us how to get high do we? Blogging about drugs or not, he's not going commercial and publicly selling his blog and drug-related information, or some sort of consultancy business for drug-addicts-wannabes. So what's your problem really? Anyways, there just are people with too much free time on their hands.

"The blog came to the attention of a Nanyang Siang Pau reader who sent an email to the daily to complain about the blogger, who was supposedly a computer graduate from an Australian university" --(Source: The Star, Tuesday 29 November, page 27).

Really. Enough is enough!

To Huai Bin @ Sixth Seal, good luck dude!

And before some nosey nobody comes browsing in here and reporting to some media that some bloggers are in cahoots in promoting drug abuse, I'd like to say -

"This blog does not condone the use of drugs!!!"

Yeah right.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

In Between Black and White

Image hosted by

Heh heh heh. Yes I finally went to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose last night!

Image hosted by

And yes, those were the exact words used to translate the movie's title. HAHAHAHA. Funny ya! When I got home, I even slept with all the lights off. No need for the white light, no need for a small lamp. To those who know me well enough, it's an achievement because I'm usually terribly freaked after horror movies and more often than not, have to sleep with the lights on for a few nights after watching a horror flick.

But Emily Rose wasn't all that bad. Mainly cos the whole focus was actually fighting the legal battle for Father Moore, and the horror scenes were actually used as fillers for narration purposes. Anyways, I enjoyed it. Though Fujia said it was like watching "The Practice". That didn't make sense to me.

Being a non-believer myself, I identified with Erin Bruner, the defence attorney - that this was not a case of facts, but a case of possibilities. Facts, she said, leave no room for questionable doubts.

When it comes to religion, some people have told me - It's either you believe it or you don't. But there are "in-betweens" you know. Maybe we don't quite believe in a particular religion or faith, but belive in the presence of supernatural entities that also exist alongside us - yes, be it angelic or demonic forces.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dare To Moan

Fuck Proudly, friends: Fuck Loudly
by David Berry

It comes in the night. Actually, it comes in the afternoon, too. And once, it came on Saturday morning. It is the haunting, incessant creaking sound that emanates from my neighbour's place.

Now, this is no normal creaking sound. It is a continuous—for a little while, anyway—steady, unrelenting, focused creaking sound. It is usually accompanied by the sound of solid wood bumping up against the bedroom wall that we share. It is the sound of passion, of our true purpose; it is the sound an old bed makes when two people are having sex on it, probably in the missionary position.

To be clear here, the sound itself isn't really so much of a problem. Living in an apartment building, which is more or less a shared space, I'm perfectly fine with odd noises coming from my neighbour’s places, even noises I'd normally expect to have to pay to hear. No, the creaking is fine. The problem is that nothing else ever accompanies the creaking.

See, it's quite obvious that there is sex going on. Very steady, almost rhythmic sex; the type of sex you could probably use as a metronome, if I could fit a baby grand into my bachelor suite. But, besides the bed and its enchanting creak/thump thing, there are no other audible signs of sex. There is no moaning, there is no sighing, there are no sweet nothings being yelled into ears, and there certainly aren't any orgasm-induced guttural screams being produced. These people, my neighbours, are having some seriously quiet sex. And that bothers me.

Now, look, I'm by no means an authority on how one should be having sex, but I do know that, generally speaking, one can expect some noise — some louder-than-average noise — at least some point in the general process. I mean, if I ever get to have sex with somebody who's conscious, I'm fairly certain there will at least be a bit of grunting, if not some screams of pain, or a "No, you're doing it wrong!" here or there. It just seems like there ought to be.

But no: these two barely utter a peep. Which makes me feel a little guilty. I assume, of course, that they're dancing this mime-esque tango of love because they believe the people who share the building with them would find it somewhat uncouth to hear "I want to shoot it all over you!" in a gruff, musk-soaked voice at 1am on a Tuesday. This makes me a party to what I can only assume is fairly unsatisfying sex, and I want absolutely no part in it - I spend enough time and effort leaving my own sexual partners unsatisfied, thank you very much, and I'll be damned if I'm going to start spreading the un-love like some sort of viral spore.

So, to my neighbours, and to all of you, I say this: get out there and make some loud goddamned love. I mean, back when you lived with your parents, it was understandable why you'd want to keep it down; no one wants to be yelling, "Who's your daddy?" while your actual daddy is sitting in the other room watching Law & Order and wondering why his daughter left her bra in the living room.

But in the adult world, people should expect - nay, welcome - the occasional erotic moan, the sound of testes slapping against thighs, the foundation-shaking scream of the satisfied lover. They should cherish it a little as proof that, despite all the pain, and despair, and misery in the world, there is still love, still someone out there willing to try a little spanking once in a while, or tell their lover exactly where and how hard they want "it" put. It's a beautiful thing, and it should be shared with all mankind.

Image hosted by

And, I mean, besides that, do you have any idea how hard it is to masturbate with that unending fucking creaking? If you're going to disturb my "me" time, you might at least contribute a little something. Otherwise, it's just plain inconsiderate.

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Little Red Riding Car

I finally surrendered to the layers of dirt enveloping the red metallic body of my little car, and took it to a carwash after about 3 or 4 months of it not being washed. Little red car must be thrilled beyond words, finally having a decent shower after all dirt which has found permanent residency on its body. Even the owner was so excited when the men at the carwash sprayed powerful jets of water onto the car and scrubbed it clean.

The morning after that, I carefully selected a nice parking spot in the basement carpark, shielded from the skies should it rain. I purposely got to the office early in hopes of securing a parking space in the basement. As I manouvered the little red car into the lot, I was all smiles - "Even if it does rain this afternoon, my little red car will be nice and dry - and most importantly, remain clean!" I thought to myself.

At 6pm, I went down to the basement, ready to wrap up a day's work and go home for some R & R. To my horror.... !!!

Image hosted by

What in the world IS that? I looked up at the ceiling of the basement and saw a wet patch which was dripping water onto the sides of the little red car. Not just any water mind you! It was a mixture of water and ceiling plaster and god knows what!

I quickly reversed out of the parking lot and retrieved a rag and a bottle of water from the boot and begin to scrub and wipe at the white patch fervently. The stain will not leave little red car! Oh no...

I drove back to the carwash round the corner and enquired if they'd be able to remove the stain. They used some car wax and car polish cream and scrubbed for a good 15 minutes. Stubborn stain!

Finally, they gave up and told me that this is the best that they can clean. They didn't even charge me for the service! Nice carwash men.

I squinted at where the stain was, well, most of it is gone, but I'm still not THAT happy with it. I want more removed.

I then drove it to the nearest mechanic and asked if they could try help me remove the remainder of the stain. They came out with bottles of other fluid and begin scrubbing and polishing.. And after about 15 minutes, told me that this is the best that they can scrub off. They didn't charge me a thing too. Nice mechanics.

Image hosted by

I looked at it and figured, "Oh well. I'd say a good 97% has been removed", and drove home feeling much better. I also made a mental note to blog about it soon, and to email the picture to the people in charge of building maintenance at the office.

If the stain had not come off, heh.. they'll be able to taste the wrath of my fury!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

How much to open a door?

When the phone rang at about 9ish last Friday night, I quickly jumped out of bed and changed out of my lose and drabby outfit to go pick babe. I must have been really excited because I quickly brushed my hair, put on presentable clothes, took my wallet, phone, carkeys and shut the bedroom door - all in under 5 minutes.

As I walked out to the main door, I fiddled in my pockets for the housekeys. Nope not there. I thought it must be hanging on one of my fingers seeing how I was carrying so many items in my hands. Nope no there either.


Both the housemates weren't at home. I was stuck. No keys to get out of the house. No keys to go back into the room. Thank goodness the housemates were already on their way back when I called them. But the housemates did not have a spare key and she said we can't call the landlord cos we're supposed to duplicate our own keys.

What? But this IS an emergency!

The housemate told me she has a locksmith's number. I called and he said he'll come by in about 30 minutes, and the charge is RM 65. Friggin' sixty-five bucks to help me open my own door! Sigh.

So I went out to pick babe, left money with the housemates to pay the locksmith when he does get here. After an hour, I came back and the locksmith still hasn't got here! Fuming by now.

"Waaaaai! Lou sai, you ngor tang kei loi wor? Seng lap zhong chor laaaa!" (Helloo! Boss, how long you want me to wait? One hour already laaaa!")

That idiot man told me that he saw the the door to our apartment closed and so he left. Duh! There is something called the doorbell!

After a while he came with a small box of tools. Like one of those multi-purpose tiny screwdrivers thingie. After inserting a few types of tools into the keyhole, the lock still wouldn't click open. Locksmith man is starting to perspire. I can see the beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

I'm usually nice to service and repairmen. I'll usually pour them a glass of cold water while they're working. But this locksmith is stupid to not ring the bell, so I'm not offering him any water.

More poking around, but doorknob remains locked. He said he'll have to remove the knob. Go ahead! Do what you have to do! I just want to get back into my room!

Then he started hammering away...

*bang bang bang*




*bang bang bang*




*bang bang bang*




*DING DOOOONG* (This is the doorbell)

The security guard was standing outside our apartment with a few angry neighbours in tow. Shucks. I apologized profusely for the sound, and told them it'd be over soon. Actually it wasn't THAT late! Around 10:30pm.. and it was on a Friday night!

More banging and in a couple of minutes, the doorknob was lose, and after some more poking, we heard the click!

Well, it's a damn expensive lesson for me! It's my first time engaging the services of a professional "door opener", but I've been told that the later in the night it is, the higher the charges. I've heard of people being charged RM 120 to open their car door when it was past midnight! Insane isn't it?

Oh well. Better go duplicate my keys this evening!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Living Out Loud party!

As a student during college days, we enjoyed going to Starhill. Yes, even if we couldn't possible afford anything there. I guess we went there with the sole purpose of dreaming. Yes, dreaming. We'd gawk through the immaculately polished glass windows and eye the items which were on display, the fashion, the accessories, everything was so shiny and glamourous. We'd dream about the day when we could purchase these items when we were adults.

Of course that's bullshit.

Anyways, after years of not stepping into Starhill, and even though I've heard about the renovation that Starhill underwent after Tangs closed, I never went to see how the new place turned out. Of course, we read that David Rockwell from New York was the mastermind behind the new interior design and architecture of the new space in Starhill.

We attended the launch of the new lifestyle section of Malaysian Today which was held at QBa at the Westin Hotel yesterday evening, and arriving there with some time to kill, we took a walk to Starhill.

Image hosted by

The new Starhill now offers five themed floors - namely Feast, Indulge, Explore, Pamper and Muse.

We walked around the Lower Ground floor, which was themed Feast. This level houses an array of international cuisine and well, it's like a super-duper upmarket Marche. Of course, Marche is pale in comparison to this place! Anderson said we ought to check out their toilets cos they were superb! I was so impressed by the ladies! With brown bricks surrounding the walls and a soft yellow light inside, the whole toilet even smells of some exquisite spice, and well, it was lovely. After taking a piss, I looked at the sink in amazement...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Isn't it wow? To get water running from the tap, you gotta rotate the wheel! I excitedly updated the guys on the super cool ladies, and found out that their tap is pretty unique too! They had to tug on a pulley thing (like in the olden days) to get water running from the taps. Neat huh?

Walking around for a bit, we came to the bar which was situated in the middle of all the other restaurants. This bar is awesome. The barmaids are dressed in black leather dress, and they look hot. The whole bar is decorated with empty bottles and jars - some are painted with glass paint, and some are left au naturel.

Image hosted by

And then I spotted this bucket of beer...

Image hosted by

.. and felt my throat suddenly drying up and me feeling very thirsty.

But instead of having beers, we ventured upstairs to check out other shops and found a super cool chillout venue.

It's called Tiffin Bay, located right next to Beatrice Looi, and it is the most colourful little place which I've seen!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Facing the main entrance of Starhill from 2 floors above, we each ordered a drink and I had a chocolate raspberry milkshake. Nyam. It was priced at RM12++. Reasonable enough.

Soon it was time to head back over to QBa. It was a great party! Free flow of wines and beer. That's all it took to have a great party going actually. They had free tarot card reading and also a booth for a quick manicure fix too!

QBa's a pretty cool place. Nice deco. Nice ambience. Apparently, the food's pretty good as well. Should go back and check it out some time.

We sat at the bar, right under this towering angel.

Image hosted by

And for participating in a little game which required me to do a little catwalk and to shake my booty, I got this..

Image hosted by

All in all, kudos to the team at Malaysian Today for throwing such a great party!

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Friday, November 11, 2005

MTV MotoAlert Style - 3 Thumbs Down!

Our office received a couple of invites from MTV Asia in Singapore to attend the MTV MotoAlert Style event at Zouk KL. Not expecting much from such events in the first place, we went anyway thinking that it'd be good just to check out the whole set up and the whole event to see what the fuss is all about.

Image hosted by

A couple of us braved the evening downpour and headed straight into town, taking us approximately 1.5 hours to get there, when on a usual night, about 20 minutes would suffice. That's OK, I can live with the jam. It IS afterall KL.

When we got to Zouk, in my all white outfit, I made a dash from the cobbly parking lot in my 3-inch heels in the rain. I had dirt and pebbles sticking all over my legs and thighs as puddles of water splashed around when I ran! I shivered for a good 20 minutes inside the airconditioned venue under my wet shirt. Brrr.

I guess the rain pretty much dampened everyone's mood as the crowd in the Main Room was disappointing. I guess that's the main reason why the whole show started 1.5 hours later than indicated on the invitation.

Image hosted by

So fine, we thought we'd get ourselves some beers and enjoy for a bit after the traffic jam and the rain. "I'm sorry miss, we are not selling drinks tonight till after 10pm". What? They went around serving coke. Then I found out why - they were a couple of screaming teenybopper underaged kids at the event, well, I guess this is not an 18+ event huh. But alcoholic drinks were flowing at the VIP area *grins*

Then VJ Colby came on stage and started introducing himself, introducing the DJs for the night, and flanked on his sides were Malaysian twin sisters-cum-models May Wan and Choy Wan.

VJ Colby looks good. But his lines sucked. "I'm sorry we are late because uh, the dog ate my homework". Ha ha? The girls said a couple of fluffy bimbotic things and then disappeared backstage.

"OK.. maybe it will get better from here" I thought to myself. But no such luck!

Then a bunch of skinny-bag-of-bones models started hitting the stage to parade a series of outfits from Miss Sixty. Blah blah blah. Then a bunch of male models with thick eyebrows and well-defined jaws paraded outfits from Energie. Then the male and female models came out together and paraded even more outfits before May and Choy came out again in hideous looking army prints outfit. They came out, walked the stage without even stopping, and scurried back off again - very unprofessional! What were they DOING?!

The only thing that was worth it were DJ duo Lo Fidelity. Their console was placed right smack in the centre of the dance floor, giving all present a good view of them doing their set. One was the turntablist, and the other a keyboardist with an ultra cool gear. His mini keyboard was connected to a pipe with one end inserted into his mouth. As he presses the keyboard, the air travels up the pipe and exits through his mouth, and when he blows on it, a funky cool electronica kinda sound was made. I've never seen such a thing before and so it rocked.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

They churned out some real funky and groovy numbers throughout the show, a blend of dance/funk/hip hop-influenced electronica. Uber cool.

In about 40 minutes, the show ended. All the models came back out again and started clapping their hands and Colby, May and Choy did their closing - and uh, well that was it really. Oh, and they shooed everybody out because the crew had to dismantle the stage for Zouk to prepare for their Thursdays Ghetto Heaven.

We left soon after. The rain had stopped. The puddles still everywhere around the unpaved and cobbly parking area and made our way home.

My conclusion? Time wasting.

PS: At least the freebies were good! = P

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bear Story I

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Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Medusa in Blue

Great. After I did my hair in red and gold, I found out that....

Your Hair Should Be Blue

Wild, brilliant, and out of control.
You're a risk taker with an eye to the future.
What's Your Funky Inner Hair Color?

Shucks. Now what?

So I tried this...

Image hosted by

HAHA. Though it kinda reminds me of Medusa!

Image hosted by

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Celebrating Life

How many times have you ever heard a girlfriend or find yourself moaning about that hasty purchase made, only to find that you hardly ever use it. It could be that pair of to-die-for stilettos, or that tight hot-pink pants that looked uber cool, that set of crystal dinner ware, the matching 3-piece luggage set, or even that cute sweater which was on a whooping 70% discount.

Then you realize that that pair of stilettos are really a killer-pair - you can barely walk from the carpark to your office in them. You realize that the tight hot-pink pants looked good on the mannequins at the store, but you wouldn't be caught dead walking around KL in them. You realize that you hardly ever have parties at your own place so the set of crystal dinner ware is sitting in the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet collecting dust. The 3-piece luggage set of course will make you look every part of a fashionable traveller, except, you hardly travel. Then that pair of cute sweater is just.. TOO cute that it sends shivers up your spine when you try it on again at home.

Ahh.. women and their impetuous and impulsive purchases at the store.

Yesterday, I made a rather hasty decision. But unlike all my previous impulsive acts, this is one I am super excited about and not in the least bit regretful of.

Eureka! Hues of gold and red?
Image hosted by

Let me have a better view!
Image hosted by

Waitaminit, now that DOES look good on you!
Image hosted by

Over lunch, I picked up a flyer advertising the opening specials of a hair saloon and in 5 minutes, I was inside making an appointment with the stylist to have my hair coloured that same evening when I knock off from work. By 6pm sharp, I was seated on that swivel chair facing a mirror and picking out the colours I want. By 9pm, I walked out of the saloon to the swish swish of my new hairdo.

My new hairdo in bright hues of gold and red celebrate the colours of life. Or at least I'd like to think of it in this manner.


It IS the perfect answer for a 24 year old who suddenly had the urge to do something crazy, loving every minute of it and lapping up all the attention that comes along with it.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Across the Causeway

Coming back to JB would mean exposure to Singapore's terrestial TV channels. Mom loves the daily 7pm and 9pm Chinese series on MediaCorp's Channel 8. OK, so they are actually quite good and I do get hooked whenever I'm back here as well.

The English Channel 5 is also pretty good, in fact, their broadcast of America's latest programmes such as Desperate Housewives, Lost, Charmed, The Apprentice, etc. are always more updated than the ones show on Malaysian tele. Though 8TV is to be commended for their efforts in bringing to our shores programmes which don't require everyone to have ASTRO subscription to enjoy, they actually have plenty to catch up with.

MediaCorp Singapore's productions have always been better than ours. Singaporean sitcoms which have made their way into Malaysian shores and are thoroughly enjoyed by us include mister-yellow-boots Phua Chu Kang and Living with Lydia. We also saw Achar! on 8TV recently. Then there are several of MediaCorp's Chinese drama productions which are also being aired several nights a week on our local terrestrial tv.

I'd say kudos to MediaCorp for coming up with good productions which captivates audience. However, what happens IN BETWEEN a drama series or a sitcom? During commercial breaks that is.

In the last week that I've been home, I've been watching a good amount of tele, Singapore tele. While I enjoy their programmes, their tv commercials are plain and boring. Commercial times would see me getting up from my seat and wandering around till the programme resumes. The commercials that come on are usually very straightforward and product oriented (except tvc for mobile services provider which I noticed are slightly different - then again, mobile services provider ARE selling a lifestyle anyway!).

Plenty of our Malaysian local productions are nothing to shout about. But creativity of the folks in our local advertising scene is highly commedable. Then again, I'm not saying that there are no creative people in Singapore, just the quality of the ads that make it on tv.

Many of our Malaysian tv commercials manage to inject a human element which leaves audience with a warm feeling in their hearts after a 30 seconder tvc. Maybe this thought came to my mind because of the many festive season tv commercials which we now see on our local tv channels. We have a wonderful ad from the TM group, a series of Hari Raya and Deepavali ads from Petronas. We also have equally nice ads from other corporate giants during the festive season.

But there are no such commercials in Singapore. Their festive season "commercials" a short 3 seconder stills which simply say "MediaCorp wishes you a Selamat Hari Raya". That's it.

Isn't Singapore a multiracial country as well? Recently, Singapore jailed 2 Chinese bloggers for posting what is deemed to be racist remarks on their blogs. The Singapore government said that they do not tolerate such racial discrimination.

For every festive season in Malaysia, there are commercials produced in line with the occassion. It educates the audience (Malay, Chinese, Indian) about multiculturalism and celebrating the colours of Malaysia.

But why don't Singapore companies come up with nice and heartwarming Hari Raya commercials on tv? Why don't the government encourage them to do so? Won't this promote racial tolerance?

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Celebration Cookies

I didn't need to go for the surgery! I guess the first obgyn I consulted was probably slightly "unethical" because he kept insisting that I remove the cyst. I was all prepared for it and went to the Johor Specialist Hospital early that morning. Upon speaking to this other obgyn, and after the ultrasound and examinations, he concluded that the laproscopy what not necessary at this point in time. Doc said it poses no harm to me now, and told me to monitor it for the next couple of months and to do another ultrasound either in December or January.

You could imagine how glad I was! No surgery means not having to put up a night at the hospital! No surgery means I don't have to worry about the healing process that will take a couple of weeks! And I can go back to KL and be back to work after the Raya holidays! Amazing.

I celebrated by baking chocolate chip cookies.. and the whole kitchen smelled wonderful.

260g butter
145g brown sugar
145g white sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 large egg
520g plain flour
2 teaspoon cream of soda
335g chocolate chips

1. Mix ingredients in a bowl.
2. Refigerate dough for 30 minutes
3. Using hands, compress into balls and flatten on greased tray.
4. Bake at 120 degrees for 20 minutes.

This recipe makes about 100 pieces. And it's simple! Oooh.. when nmixing, try to just use a spatula to mix it in a large mixing bowl manually instead of using an electric mixer. Mixing it manually makes it crumbly, so the cookies are actually crunchy when it's done.

Lined up in a tray waiting to be baked...
Image hosted by

Baking in the oven...
Image hosted by

Waiting excitedly...
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Gonna give a bucket of cookies to babe!
Image hosted by

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