Saturday, July 31, 2004

Welcome Home!

I'm feeling abit tipsy from the wine we had over dinner. It's the light heady feeling.. Not quite enough though. Would prefer more. HAHA. It's always nice to be home, to see the familiar furniture, to step on the cool marbled floor which mom keeps so clean, the bed and pillows, the food, everything. Then again, I'm not the one to be able to stay home for more than a few days on end. This time round, it's just gonna be for a day. Going back to KL again tomorrow afternoon.

Unity 5 was good last night. Eventhough the guys waited for ages for their turn to go up on stage, I thought it was a pretty good night. Despite the crappy sound system as always, everything else was good. Then halfway through their set, Jason has told me to say something on behalf of the band to David. So I did my little speech thingie.. It was something short and sweet. But in the end, David told Jason that he was truly touched : ) I'm gonna miss David heaps! What's gonna happen to Inverted Coma I wonder...

After the gig, managed to catch up with Al for a bit. He was a tad moody.. Probably coming down with fever for being caught in the rain earlier in the evening. Don't usually like to meet up with him when he's in this sorta mood.. Oh well, thank goodness no arguments or fights.

It's a warm night here. Hmm... Lemme think. Maybe it isn't really warm.. probably just the wine I consumed. I think I'll go lie down in the room and do some reading.


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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Even dogs have better days!

Froggy was found dead at 11:10am on 29 July 2004, floating motionless in his little tank. I took it to the toilet and flushed him down the toilet. Sigh. May he rest in peace.

I'm ultra sleepy. Crawled into bed at about 3:30am, managed to read a chapter of "Mental Case" till my eyelids could take no more. Needless to say, I woke up late this morning. When I finally opened my eyes and glanced at the clock, it read 9:00am. Cursed myself for staying out so late, and as usual, rushed like a mad woman. Bad enough as it is that the previous night was also a late one. I think if I were to be staying at home, I would be grounded. HAHA. Not kidding! Dad will still ground me at 23, and even though I'm no longer a student! I think. Hehe...

Yesterday, while presenting an FA to the 2 Biblical characters, I got shit - again, but who's counting? But I amazed myself in the way I handled them - I held my breathe and bit my tongue as I refrained from saying much except the occassional nod. Despite a burning desire inside me to lash out - to say what I want to say, to say what I think, I shut up. To me, it's an accomplishment. Of course, I came back to the office and bitched about it to everyone else. HAHAHA.

Later that night, my anger management skills got tested again. Made an appointment to see Al at about 10:00, right after I finish class. I didn't hear from him. At 10:15, though I'd drop him an SMS to ask him if he's on the way. He replied "Yeah..."
I thought "Fine, I'll give him another 15 minutes to get here". Got dressed, and waited.

11:00am. No sight of that idiot. I wasn't angry yet. It just striked me as odd that's all. So I rang him, and it rang and rang for ages before a "Hello" came on. "Where are you?" I asked. Meekly he said, "Eerr.. Still in SJ". I muttered an OK and hung up. I threw a mineral bottle water at a small standing mirror and it shattered to pieces. That was how angry I was. I watch my chest rise and drop as I took huge breaths, trying to contain myself. This is the first time I destroyed something in anger. It felt good. Damn bloody good.

So I succeeded in not lashing out and screaming at him over the phone, but I didn't do too good personally eh? I was thinking, I'm gonna take revenge. When he calls to say that he's arrived, I'm gonna go into the shower and take my time. Who cares if I already had one? But then, I didn't do that in the end. He called to say that he's sorry and that he's arriving very soon. Al never usually apologizes, so then I thought, what the hell. He's sorry. So I let it go. But when I got into the car I was screaming.. HAHA. Nothing too serious though and I even gave him a big smack on his arm.

Just came back from lunch. As I entered the basement parking in the office, another car reversed into me without looking if there's any oncoming traffic. Argh. I'm so mad. I know accidents happen, and this isn't my car! It was some student driving. So he offered to pay for the damages. But it's just so frustrating. I went to the fish shop to get some Neon Tetras and was excited thinking about 10 of them fishies swimming in the aquarium. Then shit happened.

Just not my day eh?

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My Personality Cocktail

A wise man once said, "I drink, therefore I am!"

How to make a Doreen

5 parts jealousy

3 parts arrogance

3 parts beauty
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little caring if desired!


Personality cocktail

Some friends...

How to make a Stefi

1 part mercy

5 parts brilliance

3 parts ego
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of caring and a pinch of salt. Yum!

How to make a Ea Wei

3 parts competetiveness

1 part crazyiness

1 part energy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Top it off with a sprinkle of lovability and enjoy!

How to make a Albert

5 parts pride

1 part courage

3 parts empathy
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and enjoy!

How to make a Angela

1 part competetiveness

5 parts silliness

5 parts empathy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add lustfulness to taste! Do not overindulge!

How to make a Dora

3 parts intelligence

1 part silliness

5 parts instinct
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little lovability if desired!

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Me, the Poet...

In my gut feeling kinda funny
Alcohol's the cause most likely

My limit I think I exceeded
But Long Island just tastes superb!

MidWeek parties a must for all
Keep us sane and to stand up tall

Way past noon I now sense hunger
Noodles, rice or a Quarter Pounder?

Playing on Winamp now is Eminem
To Slim Shady I now hum

Eyeing lolly on my table
Pink and red oh so edible

Control, control I must think
Lolly adds on cals in a blink! 

Robbie, Robbie he's so hot
Wonder where he gets that bod

Piercing stare so intense
Could just melt in my pants

Tattooed arm so damn fine
Those biceps, oh make him mine!

Better Man he croons away
He's the BEST I would say!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Silly Turtle Clock

Coffee smells good, tastes good, and makes me feel good. Yummz. Haven't had pure coffee, a hot steaming cuppa that is, for quite a while... Till the past few days back home.. and I almost forgot how good it is! It's like... ooohh... aahh.. ummm... orgasmic ; )

Tick tock, tick tock
Oh you silly turtle clock
Hurry up be 6 o'clock
Wanna go put on my party frock!

HAHAHHAHA... Tell me I'm a genius!

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Otherwise Known As...

Had an embarrassing encounter last night. I sms-ed Anderson asking him if he's free tomorrow morning cos I wanted to talk to him, some work related issues that needed clarification. So then he didn't reply to my sms, but called me at around midnight from his home phone. I don’t have that number stored in my phone. When I answered the call, he said, "Yeah, wassup?" Puzzled, I asked who was on the line. He said, "Your ugly boss!" HAHAHAHA.

That is how I usually refer him as to my other colleagues - colleagues not within the department. And I've never said it while at the office. Only via sms-es to certain people.. Like I will text Angela and say "Me and my ugly boss will be heading off to Bangsar tonight for beer. Wanna come?" Stuff like that. But of course I don't mean it as in he's really ugly… It's just my nickname for him. HAHAHAHAHA. I know... It's a bad nickname huh?

Then of course I laughed when he called himself 'my ugly boss' – but whatever, I just brushed it off. He didn't tell me how he knows that that's what I call him, and I didn't bother pursuing further. Hehehe.. But it was embarrassing! I wonder how he found out... tsk tsk.

It's good to be back at work - our comfortable space with the jolly happy people in the department (when we're not super-stressed out with them Biblical characters that is). We've just added another member into our jolly happy family - Lalitha. She'll be focusing solely on client servicing and especially them Biblical characters which I so loathe. So I'll mainly be assisting her in the QC area, proof-reading copy in ads and stuff like that. This I guess will give me more time in developing a new magazine - my dream magazine for the University - a purely lifestyle mag targeted at young school-leavers and college-goers. It'll be fab!

Think I might have to make a quick trip down to JB this weekend. Gotta go back and pick up the car. I've been delaying this trip for ages... Might as well get it over and done with. Hmmm... 

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Losing the essence

I've lost it I think. The ability to write about nonsensical stuff. Maybe it's cos I have heaps of things swarming around in my head, and I don't know where to start.

Going back to that quaint little town is always odd. It's like a love-hate feeling. I hate Alor Setar for many reasons - family politics, the damn mosquitos as a result of acres and acres of paddy fields, the small-town mentality of relatives, the town which has nothing to offer. But I also love it because the food is good, because it is nice to once in a while get away from the bustle of KL and just indulge in slow moving traffic and a leisurely pace of life, and because the family history originates there.

Surprisingly, the mood in the family wasn't all that sombre and depressing despite a funeral going on. All the rituals and funeral proceedings were, in my opinion, done out of obligation, respect and tradition. In the end, I think we more or less treated it like a huge family gathering in that huge bungalow where we would sit around, talk, listen to stories told by our elders, eat a whole lot and even laugh and joke around.

I wonder... all the formalities, all the rituals that we were doing - I don't understand them. Sometimes I question "Why?" and Mom would brush me off by saying, "Don't ask why, just follow!" It's funny... OK, we had these nuns at the house for a few nights consecutively and they were chanting their scriptures and whatnot, and we were supposed to be seated together for a 'mass prayer' session. But because we don't know what they are chanting about, and because these sessions are boring and ridiculously long, we would often chat and joke as we sit there holding on to our joss stick. Or, what about those sessions where we had to walk around the coffin of gramps as the nuns chant.. We would be so tired as these proceedings go well into the night, and as we walk around the coffin, I would be thinking, "Damn, I'm so tired!"

I know I'm not alone. We would complain to one another - "How boring!", "Oh this is so tiring!" or, "When is this gonna end?" So there. I mean, we do it - but yet, we're not actually DOING it you know? All the superstitions, the dos and don'ts of it all... It left me rather perplexed. But having said that, I will still do it - out of respect for tradition, out of respect for my parents, out of respect for the dead.

As we click our way into the digital age, it is reassuring to see that old traditions are still preserved. However, it is also sad to see that the it is not exactly 'whole' anymore for I think the more we advance, we lose a major part of the essence of old cultures and traditions along the way.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

10 Things I...

I don't know if its hunger, or period cramps - never been good at differentiating them. From my window, I see Mr. El Stinko a.k.a. Oily Man a.ka. Stephen giving Fresa a hard time. I refrain from going in there and hearing him speak, I'm bound to shoot off like a machine gun and give myself more wrinkles *ewk* After showing him the third mock of the magazine, now he wants to rearrange again! That pretty much fucks up the pagination of the entire magazine. So seeing him sitting there in his off-putting, slouched posture, I don't really reckon I'm all that hungry anymore. 

So I won't be able to blog for the next few days! Oh no! And my dear fans who've been loyally reading about the ongoings in my life will have to wait for a few days before the next episode airs.. HAHAHA. C'mon, make me happy. Say you'll wait OK? ; )

The list of things I need to do before I leave the office today -

  1. Finish the report for Jolene.
  2. Despatch the report out for her by this evening.
  3. Ensure the materials arrive to China Press
  4. Get ready CD for output of negative films.
  5. Feed Spidey and Fatso.
  6. Feed Froggy (which reminds me, I've yet to name this poor frog!)
  7. Finish the Magazine
  8. Make amendments to the brochure
  9. Finish the chunk of invoicing and other administrative works
  10. Get stuff from Christina and make sure Fresa designs the buntings they require.

It's past noon, and out of 9 items, I've only completed... 2! Great isn't it? Gee.. I hope I didn't leave out any other important stuff.

Anderson said on Monday before leaving the office, "Damn, we need a good holiday again!" Cannot agree more. Wherever we go, as long as the sea is clear, the sun up and the sand soft, I'm in paradise. I guess it will all have to wait till the second half of next month. Hmm... Then again, let's hope I don't screw up my finances. Or how about starting a "Help Doreen Go On A Holiday Fund"? That way, I can get people to donate.. *Mental Math.. I need about 300, so if a friend donates RM2, I need 150 people to donate* Or maybe I have extra generous friends who can donate RM10 or RM20 in one go.

Heh heh heh.. Fresa just gave El Stinko a good trashing. Better go check out what's happening...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Time: 11:15am
Weather: Sleepy
Skies: Cloudy
Visibility from rooftop: Awesome
You know... On Christmas Eve, children go to bed early because they are expecting Santa to drop their gifts off. They lay in their bed, full of anticipation and refusing to close their eyes, as they wait for his arrival. Somewhere through the night, as their eyelids get heavier, and the moment before they doze off into la-la land, they hear a soft patter on the rooftop - reindeers. Their soft murmur is of excitement, yet their eyes refuse to open completely now, and they snuggle deeper under the warm covers.
This morning was like that. The few moments before my alarm buzzed to life, I sleepily opened my eyes and heard the soft patter of the rain on the roof. It was bliss. I can't even begin to describe that short moment of paradise.
Then, shit of all shit, I suddeny thought of Moses, Rachel and Stephen, let out a groan, and pulled the covers over my head. Must have dozed off for a little bit more before the alarm finally rang. It's bad isn't it? They haunt me! Shit eh?

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Monday, July 19, 2004


I don't have enough compassion it seems... But what does an SMS asking you to wait for someone's death supposed to have you do? And what does "Get ready" mean? Get ready to run out of my office and immediately get the next coach? Or is it emotionally?

Yes I am saddened by the fact that he's in pain, and he's suffering in bed and not being able to do anything. But it just irks me that when someone is dying, it's the living who have to go through all the hassle, the worries about work and deadlines and other commitments.

So anyways, as I write this, Grandpa has already passed away. Dad called me over lunch to inform me that Grandpa passed away at exactly 1:20pm this afternoon. He told me to be back by Thursday for the funeral proceedings which will happen on Friday. I didn't need to go through shock or feel further saddened cos hey, I'm ready. How can I not be?
I'm pissed at myself for feeling the way I'm feeling. But I am also pissed at whoever that it is out there, trying to test me in this manner. I have missed one DJ-ing stint because of Grandpa's health and they thought he was dying then. Now I'm missing another MC-ing job because he's really dead. I feel it's like a huge, nonsensical prank that is being played out here. Are lives supposed to come to a standstill while we wait for the sick and elderly to pass on to another world?
Maybe in this lifetime I will never understand. Not till I lay in my own deathbed probably.
I have to admit, I don't know Grandpa all that well. We hardly ever saw him... Except maybe during Chinese New Year. And in the last 8 years, we've only gone back for Chinese New Year once. After having said all that, I love Grandpa. He was a good man. He worked hard for his family and was a doting grandfather. I say this from the bottom of my heart, and it's not easy coming from a huge and complicated family, and all the power struggle within.
I'm sure that he's gone off to a better place now, and may he rest in peace.

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How Would He Tell Me?

I have this thing about sleeping on Sunday nights. Hate to be home early and sleep early on a Sunday night, believing that if I do sleep early, Monday will come even earlier! Bollocks, Monday is never absent! What would happen, say, if one supposedly Monday morning I open my eyes to find that Monday is indeed absent. Hmm.. I wonder what would the sign be? Would God have left me a lipstick scrawl of words on my mirror? Or a yellow post-it note on my dresser table? Hmmm...
The weekend has been a decent one. After a very long Friday, with emotional ups and downs that besiege the day and well into the night, I went home and crawled into bed. Sleep however did not beckon till way past midnight, which made me all the more miserable being home in bed, alone at that, on a Friday night.
Saturday was spent hanging out and then a party at Em's and Jake's place later in the night. It was a good get-together of friends. Usual scene.. the beers, tequila, vodka, cigarettes and the drugs. Bless Sharon for cooking us such a scrumptious dinner! I love that cold chicken dish.. Nothing like I've ever tasted before! She's a cool mom to have... Fancy having your children and their friends in your apartment drinking and smoking away. Then again... hmm... maybe not.
My Sunday was great. Woke up so very late in the afternoon... Decided it was, like any other Sunday, a good Sunday to have coffee at Bangsar with a good book and then do some people watching. Cheers to Lily, Pascal and Ea Wei for making my Sunday afternoon fun. The later part of the day was spent reading, having dinner, playing pool and coming home at again, an ungodly hour.
"Footsteps in an Empty Room" by Lily Sommers wasn't anything too fancy, a good read nevertheless. It's a spooky, romance novel. I like the twist in the end. Poor Alice Parkins who died with such tremendous guilt. A mere servant girl who out of spite and revenge sparked fires within the Cunnigham household and resulted in Master Cosmo murdering Madam Ambrosine. And everyone thought that Henry Marling was Ambrosine's lover! Never once I suspected Jonah the man servant!
Politicians, like they are always depicted, are corrupt and a bunch of jerks. Mark Markovic was indeed running a brothel.. with minors working too! Hmm.. What was that book that I read recently about a child porn ring? Oh shucks. Oh, but that Gary dude was nice. He was down-to-earth, smart and I imagine him to be rugged in denim, and maybe even a goatee to boast. HAHA.
Rosamund, however, doesn't strike me as much. Ah, I remembered one lesson from Screen Studies taught by Gary La Faber - parrallelism in movies. Except this is in a book. Rosamund's character is similar to that of her great-grandmother Ambrosine; her love affairs, her weak personality, etc. Even the name... Rose, Rosie...
Oh well, Stefi's online. Had better catch up with her. Been almost a week since I last saw or spoke to her! Poor girl's having a bad tummy at the moment...

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Thursday, July 15, 2004


I had coffee with Victoria last night. I met her at the Language Centre where I teach part-time as she was a student in one of my classes. Though she's no longer in that class. So she called me on Monday night asking me out for drinks, and so we met up last night after my class.

Victoria is 20 as I found out last night. She is tall and lanky with an even tanned skin. Her almond shaped eyes (think: Lucy Liu) gives her that unique oriental, exotic look. She has long, jet black hair hidden under a baseball cap. She wore a loose T-shirt with a pair of denims and trainers.

Victoria dropped out of school at the age of 15 and came to KL from her hometown in Pahang. In the last 5 years, she has been doing odd jobs and is currently hoping to pick up English so that she can get a slightly better job.

As we sat there under the streetlight at a mamak stall for 90 minutes (would have lasted longer if it didn't start drizzling), I learnt so much about her and.. maybe I somewhat symphatise. However, I don't think I should because she's strong and smart and she's doing rather well now.. I think she wouldn't like it if she were to find out that pity is what I have for her. I admire her courage and envy her capabilities in facing and dealing with the challenges that come her way.

It was a funny feeling I got. In a way, being 23 now, I think I've seen, lived, heard and experienced plenty. But in Victoria's 20 years of age, she too has seen, lived, heard and experienced plenty. It's the vast difference in our lives that shocked me. Our experiences are as different as heaven and earth, as black and white, as latte and teh-o-ais-limau.

I don't even know how to put her words into words of my own for fear of sounding like a snob... But it was an eye-opener. I'm going to make sure I call Victoria out for coffee when I have the time.

As we parted last night, I asked her where she parked her car. She said she doesn't own a car, and doesn't drive. It was close to midnight then. The streets were deserted. I offered to give her a lift but she refused and kept laughing as she said, "I'll be fine! Off you go! Call me OK?".. and she briskly walked off into the night.

I sighed, walked to my car and drove off.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Senses 6

Vagabond sleeps on empty street
Lovers' eyes that refuse to meet
Bitterness carved in hardened clay
A drowning sun that ends the day

Gentle rays of bashful sun
Lips to lips, bodies one
Woods crackled and fire danced
Baby's grip on Mommy's hands

A needle prick, a piercing cry
Frail bodies that money buy
Bleeding hearts and drunken woes
Mother's child walks out the door

That first kiss on her cherry lips
Scent of spring, so clean and crisp
Hues of pink the candy store
"I love you, now and forever more"

Hungry eyes of unbreakable stare
Muscular hands that stripped her bare
Strangers meet at smoky bars
Mike and Lizzie in Daddy's car

Angry souls in grounds beneath
Howling seas under the cliff
Broken hearts that cease to heal
Dried bloodstains that leave a trail

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Still sore from the incident this morning. I typed and typed, my entry was long and juicy, and then all of a sudden, KAPUT, a blackout in my office. For that mere 2 seconds as I sat in the darkness, I cursed and swore.

Dammmit. But oh well, shit happens.

I lost "that moment" I had when I came into the office early this morning. I was full of ideas, thoughts, and feelings that I wanna write about.. But it's gone now.

So I had have lunch with R and his business associate, we were all there to discuss on some possible business ventures, and his latest project might come in handy with me being in advertising and events.

As I was telling a friend... How can you hate someone, be utterly disgusted with what they've done, and yet still sort of wonder what they look like with the shirt off? Or even that tingling feeling up my spine as fingers or arms brush against one another?

And did I mention his gaze? When he talks to me, eventhough it's about something serious, the way he rests his eyes on me, the way he looks at me while talking - it gets me.. erm, flustered.

How can you explain this?

As I drove out of the parking lot of the mall, I cursed myself for being so vulnerable! How can a stupid brush or arms or a gaze as he talks to you cause you to lose control? OK, so I didn't exactly lose control per se. It's more like my mind losing control. Thank goodness my actions didn't cooperate with the thoughts in my head.

Tis OK, I think I'll catch up with Al tonight. Maybe he can provide me some sanity and bring me back down to earth and to help me stop being so delusional.

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Monday, July 12, 2004


Christmas of 2003 at the office with Lewis and Angela

Freaky babies

Annual Company dinner in 2003

My fave shot of myself! HAHA.

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Them Biblical Characters

Early in the morning, just as I clocked in for work, Stephen was signing in too. At 9:00am on a Monday morning, he managed to piss me off. "Are you all done with the design of the magazine yet?" he asked.

I looked at him in bewilderment. "Stephen, we don't work on Saturdays and Sundays, and you only just gave all the materials to us on Thursday!"

"But we need it in time for the Convocation 2 weeks from now," he answered.

"Yes, but you only just gave materials to us on Thursday, we are churning out a 20 something page magazine, not doing a 2+2 mathematical formula," I told him.

Then, I scowled at Moses and Rachel today while in a meeting. Real pain they are! Urgh. Can't stand, can't stand them! "But Doreen, we already briefed you on this before? Don't you remember?"

Sure you have. And in the words of David, if I were a guy, I would have said to them, "Oh? Was that before or after you sucked my left nut?"

So then I showed my displeasure while in the boardroom. Anderson wrote me a nice email.. Telling me I should cool it. He said that my displeasure was felt in the room. Damn right it was felt. I mean, it was supposed to show them both idiots how I felt. I hate people who push me around. Hey, I'm born to be vocal and expressive!

Anderson even went to the extent of calling me a "bomb asset" - saying that I'm an asset to the company, but don't know when I'll go off. HAHA. I find it hillarious. He was right.. He asked me to hang in there.. He said he'll let me be hands on on the things that I will enjoy doing - creative writing, editor of an upcoming magazine we're producing, more hands-on for event management, etc.

But anyways, I told him I'll try be nice. I take his advice in good faith, cos I know that I really do need to control my emotions, my anger to be exact. In fact, I think one of these days I'll ask Anderson if we can take them all out to a nice sit-down Chinese restaurant lunch. Just to make things better you know? But I'm just afraid I'll get indigestion if we sit around the same table and eat. OK OK, I'll stop being so nasty to them.

Another company has offered me a job.. Through contacts I got an itnerview lined up. They are giving me a couple of hundred bucks more than what I'm getting now. But it's a shit job. It's very technical.. The company deals with Calibration equipment! Damn. How boring is that gonna be? But oh, I get a Operations Manager designation too. And it's hell far! All the way in Shah Alam, past Terminal 3 and all... Some 50kms from where I'm staying at the moment.

I've yet to see the official Offer Letter. Once I get that in my hands, I'll have a few more days to decide I suppose.

So anyway, I had a good weekend. Friday night was out partying and drinking, Saturday night.. ermm.. again getting high (haha!), Sunday had bowling, movies, pretty good.

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Green Pastures...

When stuck in a traffic jam, what do you do? I imagine travelling on a small road amidst green pastures and fresh clean air. So then why is my car moving too slow? Oh, there are herds of cattle and sheep crossing the road. HAHA.

I spent so many hours stuck in traffic jam yesterday. During lunch hour down in the city centre, peak hour traffic on the Federal Highway (both ways, back and forth!).. Damn KL traffic.

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Grannies and Lawn Bowl

I suddenly opened my eyes and darted my glance towards the clock in my room. Phew. 8:30am. Thank goodness I'm not late. Yet. HAHA. I jumped out of bed, scurried about my room, in out of the bathroom, and managed to leave the house by 9:00am. Needless to say, I clocked in at about 9:15. Late. Tsk tsk.

It's been a quick week, already Thursday. Tiring. Lots of mundane works going on at the office, oh, just the usual you know. Then of late, our other business has been picking up. Lots of projects coming in... Even though the job is not yet confirmed, we've got to put in our best to present a nicely done up proposal for them to view.

The rainy weather around the Valley hasn't been doing me good. I hate driving around in wet weather. I hate low visibility driving. And when the rain comes, I don't like to go out to places like Bangsar where you park you car in A and walk to B. Which means, I haven't gotten my dose of alcohol all week! Usually, my midweek parties in Bangsar happen on Tuesday or Wednesday nights! But due to the rain the past few nights, nothing's been happening. Sad.

Oh god. I sound like an alcoholic don't I?

Oh no! I still haven't met up with Jaclyn and Jimmy! I'm so unorganized. Yes I know, I don't have to make a public announcement of something that is already known.. But I just felt like saying it. HAHA. I've got heaps of stuff that I need to do, and just haven't gotten around doing it you know?

When I die, I think whoever that reads my eulogy will be saying something like, "Her greatest contribution to mankind will be her skills of procrastination - don't we all just love her for that?"
Isn't it great to be remembered for something so noble? Oohh.. Can't wait. HAHAHAH.

This weekend should be nice and slow... Got a whole Saturday without any plans or appointments lined up. Urgh. Except Sunday. Gotta make my Presidential appearance at the bowling tournament the Alumni committee organizes every year. It'll be like.. Ooohh..Check out Ms. President in her tacky looking bowling shoes. You know, I never understood why people wear them shoes? They're ugly! Urgh *shudders* It makes me feel like an old granny playing lawn bowl in the local community centre where oldies hang out on a Sunday morning *shudders further*

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Stand-Up as Opposed to...?

I know it's a small matter that I have with Fujia, but it has been bugging me over the weekend, and right up till this very moment. I hate knowing that someone is pissed off at me. Plus, this is for no fucking apparent reason!

So the story goes..

On Friday night, I was already lazing around in my pyjamas in my room.. getting ready to sleep, when Fujia called asking if I wanted to go out for coffee with them. It was past midnight I remembered.

I was hesitating, but then decided to go cos my stomach was rumbling.. I thought I could go and grab a bite of something light. Then again, what irony. There's no such thing as "something light" in Malaysian supper. HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, that is another story altogether.

So I went out with Fujia, David, Lily, Patrick and Lavigne.

Then a VCD seller came around to our table and Patrick bought a VCD. The next thing you know, Fujia was pestering Patrick to allow him to watch the movie first. Something wrong already right? I mean, hey someone just bought something. At least you have the decency to let them watch it first before asking them if you can borrow it, am I right?

So Fujia kept pestering, and Patrick kept saying no and that he wants to watch it first. So they were bickering back and forth for a good 30 minutes.. and I was just sitting there watching. Till I could take no more.

I told Fujia, "Let Patrick watch it first lah, afterall he was the one who bought it."

That was when everything blew out of proportion. Fujia asked me what's my problem and that he was just asking. Yes he was just asking, but after repeated attempts and failing at it, it's time to quit isn't it? But no, he just kept going at it.

I told him that it's common courtesy and decency that when people purchase something, you let them use it first, not pestering them to allow you priority. Then he came back with something like, "So? I didn't have no formal education!" I'm like.. What in the world was that?

And then we argued over this at the table... I mean all I did was make a single comment, and his face changed colour and he threw his temper at me.

I think he's still mad at me. Lily is probably standing on his side and hating me as well. Cos on Sunday afternoon, when I sms-ed them all asking if they wanted to go to Liquid, he didn't reply. But Lily only replied at like 10 plus in the night saying, "Sorry. Have fun".

Seriously, do I have a problem? I mean, it was a small matter, and all I'm doing is to try and just go back to normal, in hopes that they'll see it as my way of trying to make things work. I mean, hey, there is NO way that I'm gonna say sorry. I'm not even wrong to start off with!

But it's OK. He's more than old enough to differentiate between right and wrong. He should know that he's at fault. Somewhat. Even if we both are so strong-headed and refuse to apologize to one another, well, the least we can do is get together and hang out and well, in hopes that bygones be bygones.

I'm gonna give it a last try tonight. For the past 2 or 3 weeks, we've been hanging out at Bangsar every Tuesday night. I'm gonna drop him, Lily and David and sms to invite them to hang out tonight. Let's see what results I'll get this time... If still no reply from him.. Well, I've done my part don't you reckon?

Seriously, I don't even know why time is wasted on such trivial matters you know? I mean, damn, this is hideously childish! Juvenile! But what can I say? A guy 20 years of age... With their inflated ego, hate-the-world, my-parents-are-a-bunch-of-fucks-attitude, oh.. I can't go on...

Spoke to Heng about this last night too. He said this is extremely childish.. HAHA.. Need you say that? I already know! So anyways, he was in his usual "big brother" attitude and told me that he's on my side if he ever had to take sides cos he don't see nothing wrong in what I did. He also said to rest early, sleep well, and that he'll try "settle" this tomorrow. HAHAHA.

Anyways, I find this whole episode absolutely hillarious.

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Friday, July 02, 2004

Wanted: A Swanky Dress

It's Friday *jumps and squeals with joy!*

And tonight I have to drop by the mall to scout for a new dress for the dinner event tomorrow night. Absolutely, absolutely must! Else I have nothing to wear! Plus, I'll be on stage in full view of everyone constantly.. So must be something swanky. Hik hik hik.

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